A pandemic surge can create changes

The plan was to start back at Columbia on September 1. I met with the teachers in mid-August, the week before the students arrived, and we set the date and the times for storytelling. I told them I would check in before then with the list of books for September. The other RISE storytellers were making similar plans throughout the city at the various schools to which we are assigned. It all looked good.

Until…the COVID case numbers skyrocketed. The hospitals filled. When all the ICU rooms were full, patients were being transported to other cities in California and even other states. The situation had become dire. Younger people were falling ill this time. The protocols were changing on a daily basis, one being, from the State health department, that school volunteers were not allowed on campuses. That meant me, my stories, my bag of tricks.

Stay flexible. Be ready to pivot. Don’t take anything for granted. Hold your plans lightly. There’s a pandemic out there.

8 responses to “A pandemic surge can create changes

  1. Thank you for sharing. It is terrible. Here schools are reopening, till now it was online. We have to see what happens.Take care.

  2. It’s really sad that people fail to take this virus seriously. Stay safe!

  3. Maybe your online sessions could make a comeback. Puppets at the ready!

  4. It’s always been important to be flexible. Now it’s vital.

  5. oh no…and real sorry that the virus has swung back into action, particularly now with the variant being “fond of the young ones” – when once it was them, who thought it only attached itself nasty virus to the oldies. At least you know what worked from your online story telling last year but that’s not what we would’ve liked to have seen for sure…Hugs from New Zealand

    • I’m getting ready to read from my family room to the second grade class. Miss Malarkey Doesn’t Live in Room 10. We’ll talk about teachers this week.

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