Sometimes you get more work than you bargained for

We have all had it happen–you start a task only to find a cog is broken, a piece is missing, something has gone awry. That was my Wednesday morning.

I was up early. The temperature was cool. The air was clean. My energy levels were high. “Today’s the day I finally clean the patio.” It had only been swept for the last five months, not washed off, scrubbed down. All the furniture has to be moved out onto the greenhouse pad. I’ve written about this so much that my long-time readers are thinking, “good grief, here she goes again.” I won’t bore you with the details, but everything was moved off by 7 a.m.

Years ago I looked at buying a power washer for this work, but found that the price and size was too much for me. Instead, I found a great hose nozzle that is called “firehose,” and it acts very much like its namesake. Lots of force for cleaning. I just remove the sprinkler from the hose and attach the nozzle. Only this morning there was a spray of water from the connection, not the actual nozzle. I reattached, I rejiggered, and still a spray of water where there shouldn’t be one. A close inspection of the hose caused me to think the hose connector was worn away.

Coming inside, I told Terry of my setback. In the meantime I was going to have my coffee which he had just finished brewing. Off he went to figure out my problem and fix it. He’s good at that. Awhile later he reenters the house with this proclamation, “Good news, you don’t have to water the backyard any more. The hose is worn out.”

Hah. If it was just that easy. So, I was right, the hose has worn out after about 10 years of use. Terry moved the 75 foot hose from the front yard to the back for me and attached the “firehose.” He tossed the old hose in the garbage. I don’t need 75 feet of hose in the back so he’s off to replace the worn out 50 foot hose.

In the meantime, I found that the cat food which I had moved to the far corner of the greenhouse pad had been attacked by the carnivorous ants we have here. More cleanup to do before I could do the actual cleaning. I finished cleaning, I took and posted a photo on Instagram so I have proof that it is clean for a moment.

7 responses to “Sometimes you get more work than you bargained for

  1. That sounds like a great nozzle. Good job figuring out the problem was with the hose. Ants, and I do not get along well. You had a busy morning.

    • These carnivorous ants can be good as long as they stay out in the yards. These ants kill termites and clean up dead things as well as eat bugs. They do good work. Unfortunately, they overbred last year, didn’t have enough food, and started invading the house. We had to find a method to send something to kill them in their nest, most underground.

  2. It sounds like it has been just one of those days. 🙂

  3. I’ve never tried to kill a nest of ants, but I’ve had good luck using vinegar on the ones the come inside.

  4. the patio looks wonderful, and I followed you on Instagram – i’m catherine_the_artist

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