We pivot, again

The plan was to return to Columbia on September 1 for in-class storytelling with first graders. It couldn’t happen due to the high numbers of COVID cases, higher than during the severe pre-vaccine days of this pandemic. Schools didn’t want another person on campus to be concerned about. The more I thought about it, I didn’t want to be on campus either, having to worry about being exposed even though vaccinated. I might spread it somewhere else.

Then, one of the second grade teachers emailed and asked if I could do virtual storytelling with her class, like I did last year. Yes I could. We had our first session on Thursday. I emailed the first grade teachers and asked if they would like to do likewise. Yes, they would. Next week I am scheduled for four sessions, over two days, with first and second graders.

It’s not the same as in-person, but it’s safe, and it’s still fun. I’ll channel Mr. Rogers and do my best to bring a story and a lesson. If nothing else, I hope I’m showing the students, and teachers, how to be resilient.

11 responses to “We pivot, again

  1. I wondered if you would be reverting to last year’s model. Hopefully virtual lessons are temporary.

  2. And I know those children will appreciate that you’re willing to stay resilient and make their world a bit happier.

  3. Yes, you are definitely doing that!! Thank goodness for our teachers!!!!💕💕💕

    • I’m hearing from teachers, three weeks into the year, and their class counts are dwindling due to the virus and quarantines. The teachers are tired, already, and feeling frustrated with what is happening. I just want to throttle all these people who refuse to get vaccinated. They are not helping the cause.

  4. I’m so pleased you are going to be virtual “Mr(s) Rogers” but I’m NOT pleased about the WHY. It’s not just the unvaccinated but the way people seem to think it’s not serious – have tested positive and forget to self isolate at home – going about their daily schedule as if it doesn’t matter!

    Here in New Zealand we in my region are still a lockdown that was imposed a few weeks ago when our gov’t got wind of just “one case” and bingo we were smartly into lockdown. Outside of our region both North and South of it the country is in a slightly lower level when the virus didn’t flit as far from the tree. This time it’s the delta variant – with a known incoming strand but not exactly how it got into the community. And it’s mainly affecting the younger generation which it wasn’t doing in 2020, when the elderly were most affected. Anyone who tests positive is smartly moved to one of our quarantine facilities – but of course the community clusters keep it moving.

    Being vulnerable I’m home bound, but with plenty to keep me occupied and access to help if I need it…

    • The Delta variant has run rampant here. The local hospitals are in worse shape now than last winter because now there are no traveling nurses and extra medical personnel to help out. Our medical services are overwhelmed with ambulances being turned away.

  5. It makes me happy to know that you are still bringing stories to children. These are challenging times. My two oldest grands are vaccinated but the youngest is too young for the vaccine. Soon, I hope. Thank you for dropping by my blog to ask if I was okay. We are fine. I keep thinking I will return to blogging, but I’ve sort of lost my get-up-and-go for the moment. Glad to see you’re still here and thriving during this time.

  6. Good for you. It’s great to be safe. My brother and sister-in-law have been getting sick from babysitting their grandson and granddaughter since their granddaughter started in-class kindergarten.

    • Are the grandchildren not wearing masks to school? They should probably wear them at home with the grandparents if they are too young to be vaccinated. I would be concerned for the grandchildren’s well being.

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