Hear that? It’s the sound of time going too fast! Seven days into September and I haven’t caught up with the fact that it IS September. Our temperatures are still over 100 (a record has been broken for the number of 100+ degree days in a year) so I’m having trouble thinking that summer is over.

I’ve not been able to return to the classroom with my bag of tricks, making it still seem like summer vacation. That may change this week as I will have two days of virtual storytelling. Three first grade classes, one second grade class, two different books. I’m hoping my throat will hold out for back-to-back storytelling. It may be the smoke from the forest fires, or pollen, or the dust from the house retrofit (which I’m still cleaning on a daily basis), but my throat is raw and scratchy almost every day, and even worse when I talk a lot.

That happened on Sunday. Our church administrator celebrated 25 years in her position so we threw her a party after the church service. I brought the food and another woman did the decorations. It was a lovely time had by all, but I had a coughing fit near the end of the reception. A cough drop seemed to take care of the problem, but it was annoying.

There will be another event at church next Sunday, what we call Rally Day, done outdoors. I’m not a big fan as it’s a lot of work, and people seem to expect those in charge (which is a dwindling group) to come up with a high peak performance. Each ministry group has a table to showcase its work and offer a treat. I’ve done caramel corn for a couple of years and will do so again this year. I suggested to the rest of the deacons that they could man the table and/or provide beverages if they so desired. No one jumped at that suggestion.

It’s already Tuesday and I have to plan out the rest of the week so I can get 50+ bags of caramel corn made. Along with my errands, storytelling sessions, and the continuing saga of house cleaning…there seems to be too little time for all that I want to accomplish. Whoosh. The sound of time going too fast.

15 responses to “Whoosh

  1. It’s getting cooler here, but I still have trouble believing it’s September!

    • My concern, now that the light has shifted and the days are shorter, that winter will be here before I’m ready. Our trees will drop their leaves and I will have that chore to keep up with. I can’t complain though because I love the trees.

  2. How marvelous that you have time going fast.
    Yes, smoke in the air. Here too.

  3. In my mind sometimes it is still June! All your activities certainly keep you busy.

  4. Amen to summer weather still being with us. It’s been bad here with 80+ deg. temperatures. I thought we were finally into Fall weather, but not to be, I guess. How do you make your caramel corn? I make it to sell at Depot events and it always sells out right away. I can’t imagine 50 bags!!! Whew! That’s a lot of work. Do you want to trade recipes??

    • I don’t have a recipe. I use microwave butter popcorn, 2 bags per batch, 1 cube butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, boil in the microwave for 2.37 minutes, stirring every so often to get butter incorporated. I don’t have any measurements, I just eyeball it.

  5. You never seem to rest. That is a LOT of caramel corn! I do hope you will get some help manning the tables, at least. 🙂

  6. Hope your throat is okay very soon. I don’t see how you all breathe there with all the fires and smoke.

  7. I feel the same way. It seemed like the end of August drug on forever, and now September is flying by.

  8. Time is indeed flying by, and no signs of summer ending I can discern.

  9. Goodness it does sound like you’ve on “whoosh menu” – hoping that you can slow down real soon. Pick out the events you want to be involved in OR stay home in a blob and do nothing…(me thinking you could use your cough as an excuse to do that)….

  10. It does unnerve me to see time just flying by with not much to mark it since we staying home these days except for brief grocery runs on Tuesdays.

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