As I was saying…

The week went by quickly. Very warmly, too. Until Friday, our days were all over 100 degrees. Fortunately, we had a slight shower one evening which cleared the air of smoke particles and we all breathed a bit easier.

I did three virtual storytelling sessions. One of the first grade teachers was absent so I will see her class next week. The other session with first graders on Wednesday was a lesson for me. I was used to doing these stories when the weather was cooler. On a 104 degree day I found my face melting as I used more energy than I usually do in the afternoon. The next day I set up fans that blowed directly on me and did just fine during those two sessions. Before it had only been lighting I had to be concerned about, now it’s also temperature!

I made four batches of caramel corn and will make two more today. I’ve only bagged the first two batches so have lots of work ahead of me today. I don’t know which is harder, making the corn or packaging it. I like it best when I can just deliver the corn in a big container and let the recipient eat it as they please, but that’s not possible with a large group activity.

The daughter of a deceased friend contacted me on Tuesday. The daughter lives in Michigan and I had not heard from her since her mother’s death three years ago, so my heart stopped for a moment when I saw her name on my phone. She was calling to tell me she is in town, at her parents’ home, cleaning it out as she and her brother have put their dad in a care facility as he is no longer able to live by himself.

The house is very large and very full of stuff. It’s a hard job for her to get it cleared so they can sell it. Her brother has taken care of other properties the parents owned as well as large amounts of equipment and even a boat. My friend, before she died, always admonished her husband to get rid of the properties, the buildings, the equipment, the stuff, but he refused, saying Scott, the son, would come and take care of it. Hah! Scott is selling everything for pennies on the dollar just to get rid of it even though his dad needs the funds to be able to live in a care facility. The task is monumental and overwhelming.

The daughter, Pam, wanted me to come to the house and take things I would like to have, mainly a giraffe. My friend had a huge collection of giraffes, many bought by me for gifts over the 40 years we knew each other. I chose one small one as well as two mixing bowls. I really need to write a post about bowls. That seems to be the item I have from many different people that I use on a regular basis.

We had one more inspection this week on the house retrofit, this time for the state energy commission. The company who did the work hires this company to make the final assessment and report to the state the percentage of improvement and how well the work matches state requirements. All of the ductwork and venting had to be tested so I went outside and worked in the yards while the fellow made his way through the testing, one room at a time.

The technician couldn’t give us the final report as he had to go back and put all the numbers into the computer program and send it to the state, but he did tell us that the company who did our work always gets very high marks and just from what he could see, it looked very good. The heating and cooling company had sent their own technician earlier for a followup assessment and he told us that there was a 30 percent improvement of energy conservation. All of this means the state will be sending up a nice rebate for having the work done.

So, here it is Saturday, again, and my day is filled with chores. Yardwork, laundry, caramel corn, the continuing cleanup of dust…

10 responses to “As I was saying…

  1. Interesting thoughts about clearing out what we don’t need or use as we go along. It’s difficult when the children are left to do that.

    • Yes, most of us have the detritus of life that just keeps piling up. Make sure to keep the trash and unused items cleaned out. There was a pile of such detritus in the entry way of my friends’ home, the stuff that had been taken from the car that the son had sold to a wholesaler just to get it gone. I all needed to go into the trash. Lesson for all of us, don’t keep anything in your car.

  2. Wow! You sure have been busy. 100 degrees is absolutely awful. My mom tries to clear things out but she’s got dishes and things that she still keeps in storage.I worry about all the stuff we have. They don’t have much value, but what a pain to get rid of old furniture, etc.

  3. You do a whole lot better in that heat than I ever would. I melt just reading about it. And congrats on getting so far ahead with that caramel corn. I smiled thinking of you melting into a puddle like that! 🙂

    • After all the caramel corn was gone, I put the baskets I had used for serving the bags back in the church kitchen, squirted my hands with sanitizer and headed to my car. My face had melted and run down my neck by the time I got to the car and turned on the air conditioning. I’ve come home and pretty much sat on the couch this afternoon.

  4. That’s great about your storytelling is underway and you learnt about keeping cool…possibly the receivers didn’t notice you were hot-as.

    I’ve been on a mission of ridding myself of things, I thought I would use – but haven’t – quite nice things. So first I will call the thrift store to take first pickings and then whatever is left off to Junk2Go that will decide whether it’s fit to recycled or dumped. A lot of broken things… Not just household items but art materials that I no longer need. I doubt though I will become minimalist but there’s always hope. I’ve also bought some good storage containers to “contain craft/art supplies” that been a game changer.

    • Storage containers are an excellent solution to a myriad of issues. I have empty ones in my storage unit that I can get to put all my puppets and stuffies in when the grandkids come so they will drawers in the guest room for their things while visiting.

  5. I would like to read a post about bowls. I too have many bowls. So very sorry about the heat.

  6. I do hope they take care of their dad, financially but what a momentous task for the adult children to cope with ! If they have the money maybe they would hire professionals.
    I’m glad you’re getting a rebate. I was going to ask about that when I saw your last sentence. Well done!

    • The house must be sold to pay for his assisted living place. It would be too expensive to have live-in help. He would like that so he could remain in his home as his brother, the former city’s police chief, but not only is it too expensive, his home has steps and after breaking his leg, he can no longer manage stepping up and down.

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