Joyful, joyful morning

I know many of you live in areas where you keep your windows and doors open almost year-round. Many of you live in areas where you don’t need air conditioning or air purifiers. Such is not the case here in Central California. Our weather and air quality are such that we keep the windows closed most of the year and we run our air conditioners in the summer and our heaters in the winter. Unless we get storms through the valley, our winter air becomes stagnant since we sit in a giant bowl.

That said, Tuesday morning dawned cool, clear, and clean. So much so that I could open all of the windows when I got up at 6:30. Although 78 degrees in the house, the outside temperate was 64, but better than just the coolness is the cleanness. I stood under the trees when I went out to run the sprinklers, in both yards, just reveling in the cool, clear air. It felt so good. Not hot, not cold. Just right.

Is the hot weather behind us? No. Tuesday’s high will be around 95 degrees, but we are promised lower temperatures by the end of the week. Anything below 100, but higher that 78, will make me happy. I don’t want too hot or too cold, but just right. Having cool mornings sure invigorates me for the rest of the day.

11 responses to “Joyful, joyful morning

  1. I love that we are all so different, with different things that make us happy! Your temps would make me miserable, and you’d probably not like the cooler weather here on coastal Washington. Our summers are getting warmer, tho, and more and more people are installing AC. We did 7 years ago and its been a life-saver for me when temps get over 75. This morning it is a sunny 47 degrees out, and that makes me very joyful! I feel energized too!

    • I would be turning on the heat at 47 degrees! I don’t do cold very well. We managed without our AC for two days while the retrofit work was done with being little worse for wear. But I would be finding a warm place to hang out if we had to shut down our system in the winter. Our original system gave up the ghost in the winter and we were without heat for a week except for space heaters. Fortunately, we both had jobs with warm spaces to go to when that happened. Now, being retired, without that workspace to keep us warm, we would be sad indeed.

  2. I love the cooler weather we have here in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t think I could deal with your usual temperatures. It’s 57°F right now outside and it feels perfect with a light jacket. 🙂

  3. My Norwegian ancestry built a love of cold and snow in me, so I’d be depressed without seasons. Thank goodness you thrive where you are – you always overcome the difficult. You are the busiest person I know and I love to hear all about your dozens of “things to do” no matter what the weather!

  4. Cool, clear days are one of nature’s true joys.

  5. Oh absolutely! Regretfully, we’ve been inundated with smoke again for the past several days and today was especially bad. I hope for rain so we can get our air cleared out. We’re in a bit of a bowl too, where things come from the west and hit our mountains and then just lay in the valley.

  6. Supposed to be 72 here today. The fog has burned off too. 🙂

  7. Nothing like cool, clean air.

  8. I can sure relate! We will be down to 79 on Saturday!!!

  9. I do appreciate the weather here in Hawaii which usually doesn’t reach 100. I don’t use the air conditioning much and we do keep our windows open most of the time. However, I loved being on the mainland where you can drive to different places without needing an airplane.

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