It’s been a week…

Lots going on here…baked brownies and made more caramel corn for a dear friend who just lost her 97 year old mother. The goodies were actually for her grandchildren who she cares for during the week except when she had to be gone to another part of the state to see to her parents. Hard times for the family and the best I could do was a few yummy treats.

Another retired teacher friend is in the hospital with a broken leg and visitors are not allowed due to the COVID disaster playing out in our community. The situation is beyond sad. This woman has only one family member, an older sister, and very few friends. Her cognitive skills have been dwindling over the past couple of years and the pandemic shut-down did not help. Please, dear Readers, keep moving. This friend did not, and her balance and ability to get up from a fall continued to deteriorate. Now, hospitalized, we hear that she is not taking well to physical therapy as it is too hard for her to move. None of us can go see her to help motivate her.

The California recall election came out well. What a harrowing few weeks we have had, though, leading up to the final vote count. Should the recall have passed, the frontrunner for replacing our governor, who has done an excellent job guiding the state through the pandemic, would have been a clone of that former president. Or should I say “clown.” His television ads were so abusive that I would run from the room any time his non-blinking face came on the screen. No more of that horrible man, for now, anyway.

I virtually visited three classrooms this past week and read two books to the first and second grade classes. They are delightful children. It looks like I will have four classes on next week’s agenda. Plus, I get to meet with all the other resiliency coaches on Monday and catch up on what has been happening with their storytelling.

Cooler temperatures are in the forecast. Triple digit days look to be a thing of the past for this summer. I was still out early this morning to do a bit of yard work, but not feeling quite as pressured to get much done before the heat sets in. We will still have some smoke blowing through from the various forest fires burning around us. Let’s see what next week brings.

11 responses to “It’s been a week…

  1. It sounds like you are leaving summer’s heat behind and looking forward to better weather. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend in the hospital, with no one allowed to visit. It must be really hard on everyone who cares about her.

  2. I so agree with you on the recall. There wasn’t a single person on the selection list that I would want in the governor’s office. It seems we can’t come up with anyone worth voting for anymore. Is our gene pool permanently diminished??

  3. I’m so glad you avoided that recall. We have relatives in California and it would have been terrible if you’d gotten that Trump clone as a leader.

  4. I’m a native Californian (relocated to WA State 50 years ago) and I am SO glad the recall turned out the way it did. I simply could not imagine my former state in the hands of an acolyte of the Cult of tRUmp. Hope the cooler weather holds. We’ve had our first big rain of the fall season here, and we needed it.

  5. I too was very relieved that the recall failed, even though I’m not a Californian. But I live in a close enough state that I was feeling the tension.

    • I think the whole country was feeling this tension. California is the 7th largest economy in the world. It would be terrible to see it fall to the likes of these people.

  6. Oh, I so agree with you. Then again, the candidate with the bear really angered me.

  7. Glad we survived the reecall that wasted our tax money. As for our heat, I think it’s returning and we’re just having a brief cooler respite,

    • Our air was so bad on Tuesday from the forest fire in Sequoia National Park. I stayed indoors and ran the air purifier. It was also in the high 90s which didn’t help matters.

  8. I am sure your friend’s grandchildren loved the brownies. Yes, it has been a week. Take care.

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