What gets you moving in the morning?

I’ve written often about being a morning person. I spring out of bed, plans in my head, energy in my toes, ready to get the day started. Usually. But not today. The last Friday in September finds me feeling a bit low.

Although up at the usual time, just a few minutes beyond 6 a.m., the darkness and bad air do not give me a good feeling. I wish we could return to standard time RIGHT NOW. I need my sunshine at 6 a.m., not 7 p.m. Of course, with the forest fire smoke shifting in our direction right now, the days are all a hazy blur. Maybe that’s the problem with my motivation. It too is blurred.

I have not been well the past few days. Have no idea if it’s a bug I picked up or one of my food allergies. By Thursday evening I was so exhausted, having used every ounce of energy on the necessary tasks, right up to finally telling Terry he was on his own for dinner, I could not do one more thing. I sat on the couch and went to bed just past 7:30.

There are no obligations on today’s calendar except to pick up dinners from our neighborhood cafe/bakery. Thank goodness I had the forethought to order those earlier in the week. However, there are tasks on my list still undone. My car begs to go to the car wash. There are items I need from Target for a project I have next weekend. I should go grocery shopping as the produce has run out. I knew things were bad when Terry resorted to eating raw carrots with his dinner.

Because I often analyze my life by writing, I thought putting my lack of motivation into a blog post might just provide some insight into this malaise, but I’m not seeing it now. Maybe when I come back and read this at a later time it will be more evident. For now, though, I just want to sit and do nothing.

17 responses to “What gets you moving in the morning?

  1. Doing nothing will tell you a lot. I think we all experience such moments. Take care and all the best.

  2. I wonder if because of the smoke or air pollution, you are simply not getting enough oxygen.

  3. I feel for you. I’ve been there many times over these past months, especially when I see all of the smoke in the air. I don’t want to leave the house! Yet, today I might have to go to the Depot and meet with a repairman from AT&T. I also need to go to the post office, so there it is. I will push myself to get through the day. Blessings to you and know you are not alone!!!

  4. I do hope you will be feeling like yourself again soon. It happens to all of us now and then. Sending you lots of good healing vibes. 🙂

  5. I find that when I take on too much my body tells me about it. Hope things improve soon.

  6. i know you don’t want me to say this “but doing nothing” is a great idea…maybe your Terry will take up some of those “must do list” – sometimes as a couple (i’m not currently) we assume because we have always done it, that our partner can’t … I remember asking mine once to hang out the wash – and when I went to the line later, I found his method was so much different – I thought nothing would be actually dry, some wasn’t but on the whole – all good. And then he rushed at me, leave that – I put it out, I’ll get it in!
    Me stunned…so after that I said “maybe once a month you could this…” of course it never happened again!

    • I love doing nothing but I feel so guilty when I do. I am grateful that we live in a small house and that Terry is very capable of getting lots done. He just sees what needs to be done in a different way than I do. I guess that’s why we make such a good team. Between the two of us life runs very smoothly around here. Until one of the cogs falls off!

      • I too now live in a small house, whereas 5 years ago I lived in a huge house, just me in the end, and I could never keep up with everything.
        Here, I can keep it looking reasonable even though it’s not my own. I could if I wasn’t so unwell, deal with everything on one day, but it’s all doable in “one thing daily” then I know I’m free to whatever I want and in my case either nothing or creating.
        Take care

  7. You are a busy lade, maybe your body is telling you a rest is what you need. It has to be so hard to stay healthy with all the smoke and ash in the air there. My heart aches for all of you that live near those awful fires. I hope you will be feeling better very soon.

  8. The smoky air cannot do anything for your lethargy. I’m so sorry you were feeling in a slump. I feel better in the morning and usually go downhill in the afternoon.

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