To persevere and overcome

Thank you all for your kind words and expressions of sympathy for my temporary plight. Anyway, I hope it’s temporary as my body seems to be bouncing back. Lots of water and ginger ale have proven the best medicine.

I still don’t have much of an appetite but did eat a part of a pancake Terry made. Every Saturday morning he makes pancakes and most of the time I’m not interested in them as I’m not a fan of pancakes. But this morning I accepted his offering. I had some bread and soup for lunch and just ate a popsicle.

I was also able to wake up early this morning and get some chores done. I’ve selected the book for next week’s storytelling. I hope all goes more smoothly than the past week. The technology on the teachers’ end did not work as it was supposed to. I missed one class entirely and was a day late to another. But we persevered and overcame the challenges, which happened to be a lesson in the book I read, a day late, to the second graders.

My motivation has picked up as I carried on through these days. As I used to tell my students, I’m still standing and carrying on.

7 responses to “To persevere and overcome

  1. Sometimes all you can do is put one foot in front of the other until it becomes easier to move forward.

  2. I’m glad it all worked out well in the end. And I sure hope it’s a better week ahead! 🙂

  3. Well, we all have days when our energy is zapped. Hope it was just a bug and nothing more serious than that.

  4. I’m so glad it’s improving for you, Delaine. I know those children are counting on you. I’m trying my best to drink more water too.

  5. I hope you’re feeling better, it seems like some bug has laid you so low.


  6. So glad you’re feeling a bit better.

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