Rainy Monday, thank God

We are getting a downpour in California. It started on Sunday in Northern California and came with a loud roar of wind to the Central Valley early Monday morning. The wind has been fierce, blowing over our garbage can and buckets I put on the patio to catch any overflow from the downspouts. I got it all back in place and even swept away water that had started to pool on the patio.

Because it will rain all morning, and be very wet for the remainder of the day, I am staying home, tucked into our warm, snug house. Why go out in the wet when I can put it off for one more day. We are out of produce so tomorrow will be grocery shopping as well as a Target run. Terry and I both wore clothes on Sunday that need to be dry cleaned so that will be a stop, too, along with dropping birthday cards in the mail at the post office. Wednesday and Thursday will be storytelling days at Columbia. The pace is quickening.

In looking at November and December, I see lots of events coming up. I have mixed feelings. It’s good to see other people, and do the activities I love, but I have a sense of foreboding about the pandemic. Yes, we are vaccinated, COVID and flu. Yes, we are wearing masks when around those whom we don’t know. Yes, I’m following the protocols from last year. But are others? Are we still cleaning everything to the inth degree? Are the air filters still being changed? Handwashing?

I’m staying away from restaurants and not getting on any airplanes, but I know lots who are. Travel seems to be the big thing in so many lives. And with travel comes the interchange of viruses from various locations. Maybe the rain will help wash the viruses away.

11 responses to “Rainy Monday, thank God

  1. The weather mavens tell us that the rain will start around 4. I’m already dressed for the chill and damp, but G is off to the store now. Stay dry up there….

  2. I am triple vaxxed against Covid, but I still don’t want to get on a plane or even visit a restaurant quite yet. We just got our third shots less than two weeks ago. I’m not in a hurry to go out to new indoor places.

    • My big step will be going back to Columbia this week. Everyone is masked BUT it’s with small children who cannot yet be vaccinated. The principal & teachers feel comfortable with the situation so I’m going forward.

  3. Every once in a while I wish I could go back to lockdown for a couple of days. Although I didn’t appreciate it back then, in retrospect it was nice to have nowhere to go and no commitments.

    • I usually have 2 to 3 days a week when I don’t leave the house. That’s probably going to change now that I’m returning to the school site. I would do the story times from our family room but not leave home.

  4. One could hope that the rain cleansed the air and the ground! We got a fair amount of rain and yes, it was windy and cold!!

  5. I got the Moderna Booster on Oct 22 and feel more confident in my immunity. David and I have reserved tables at restaurants on Nov 11 and Dec 5 and have bought tickets to a concert on Jan 2.

    • I feel confident with the vaccines, it’s those who haven’t been vaccinated who bother me. We only have a 51% vaccination rate here in Fresno County. I checked with our doctor to learn we can get the booster in a couple of weeks at our pharmacy. Although I’m going back to school, I’m not making any long term plans.

  6. Here I am in New Zealand, and things in the viral line are not going according to plan, helped by an over zealous government, who for all their restrictions haven’t truly made a dent in the latest outbreak, centred on my region but the virus has slipped into neighbouring territories. Arguing for a 90% double vax for those eligible is apparently the key…but in the meantime those already in the double arena, we are trapped. There also masses of covidiots out there!
    We don’t need any more rain, we need early late spring/early summer vibes. It’s finally been sunny all day – makes one feel that much better…

  7. I’m very nervous about being out too. We have plans to travel next year. We do want to see our kids and grandkids, but the idea of being on the plane for such a long period of time is spooky even though we’ve gotten our boosters and flu shot.

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