The last week of October was the first week at school

The last time I was here we were having a terrific rain storm. That storm broke records for rainfall on that day. Our backyard was afloat for awhile, but the rain slowed to a nice pace and the water soaked in to our very dry ground.

The rain on Monday provided a good example of a storm for my storytelling on Wednesday and Thursday at Columbia. The book this week was It’s Mine about some quarrelsome frogs and the neighboring toad, who although he didn’t like their bickering, still rescued them when they became frightened during the storm and had nowhere to go.

It was good to be back on the campus, with the children and the staff. I saw many people I had not talked to in almost two years. There are many new faces, too, so I had to make introductions and explain who I was. The staff seem to be doing well, and the children are quite happy with being back at school, even with masks attached to their faces.

There are big changes on the campus. A new building is going up. It will have 12 classrooms, restrooms, janitor room, and teacher’s work room. Because it is being built on the former site of the parking lot, a new parking lot will go in where the portable classrooms now sit. The playground equipment was temporarily moved to a site behind the cafeteria, fenced in from all the construction materials that are sitting on the large yard. Not as much room for running as there had been, but I didn’t notice the students being unhappy about that. They were still running and racing around at lunch recess before heading back into their rooms.

It looks like I will be at Columbia Wednesdays and Thursdays as I have six classes that want stories–four first grade and two second grade. There are new stories to pilot with the second graders as Columbia is not the only school that has asked the resiliency coaches to continue their work with the next grade. Since this year’s second graders pretty much missed out on a year of school, it’s probably a good idea at this time.

The second graders do know me, though, through the virtual storytelling I did last year. They are so excited to have me IN THEIR ROOM so they can talk to me and show me things and I can mingle up and down the aisles and among the students. And give them stickers and other things.

I was tired when I got home Thursday afternoon. After being at home for almost two years, I’m out of practice in the classroom and have to think more about what I am doing with the stories.Telling the story six times, I sometimes forget what I had or had not said.


7 responses to “The last week of October was the first week at school

  1. I’m so glad to hear you are back in person! That is such a nice change for everybody, I suspect.

    • I almost didn’t write this post for fear of jinxing the whole thing! It’s such a delight to be back, but who knows what the future will hold. I am so glad to hear we are one step closer to getting the small children vaccinated. I will really feel better then.

  2. It has to be a real challenge to get back into the swing of things after being away for so long. Eventually, it will all become secondhand to you. There’s nothing like being in the physical presence of someone you admire, as I know those kids admire you.

    • There are so many new staff members, and with the construction on campus, so many new locations for the staff. But, the children make me feel right at home. I don’t have to introduce myself to them, they come running, calling my name. Even the sixth graders who I saw in the library on Thursday remembered me and wanted to tell me what they are doing and the stories they loved best when in first grade and who their first grade teacher was…whew!

  3. You are a gift to both the kids and the staff.

  4. This is great news, back in the classroom – with both new and old children and staff. And looks like you’ve going to be busy. So you will need to reschedule life at home, until your body tells you it’s “okay” with life…

  5. I can just imagine how excited the students are to see you. I’m now doing a FaceTime hour of enrichment with my first grade grandson and it’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten and have to scour my brain to remember.

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