Those small steps back into what once was

Today was another step out of pandemic land–I used a public restroom in a retail store.

With two Moderna vaccinations, a flu shot, and a Moderna booster, I felt pretty safe. I was still wearing my mask. It was early morning, right after the store opened, which by the way is now one hour later than they used to open. and the restrooms had just been cleaned and sanitized. But, as you know if you follow me here or on Facebook, the biggest drawback to going out has been the dreaded public restroom, not a place I like in good times, but a basic necessity if one plans to be away from home very long.

I had an early morning dentist appointment so decided it would be a good time to go shopping afterwards. It’s that time of the year when I buy the Dilbert daily calendar for the computer room. We’ve had one of these calendars for decades and only occasionally go with a different comic strip. Fortunately, Barnes & Noble still had a good supply of Dilbert so 2022 will again be his and the pointy haired boss’s shenanigans every morning when we go in and turn the page.

I also wanted to find a Christmassy blanket to throw on the porch chair for the cats to sleep on. Found one at The Home Store. Then on to Ulta Beauty Supply to see if they FINALLY have the Lancome face wash that I’ve been out of for months, instead using a drugstore wannabe. They not only had the face wash but also a perfume I use and a blush color that I was afraid wasn’t made any more. I felt like I struck gold. Not to jinx my treasure hunt, I headed for home with my bounty.

Maybe someday I’ll get on a plane again.


13 responses to “Those small steps back into what once was

  1. Elizabeth Rogers

    Haven’t done that yet but maybe soon. After 2 shots of Pfizer plus booster, you’d think I’d be ready, but the news that COVID is ticking up again is disquieting. We do NOT need a “5th surge”. Our state already has High/Substantial transmissibility, although most new infections continue to occur in unvaccinated people. If cases don’t go up dramatically after Thanksgiving travel and gatherings, I may be more confident about going out.

    • When I did laundry today, we had 9 masks we had used in the past week, since Sunday. I think I was out every day this week, two days to school. My health is good, I’m well dosed with vaccines, so I’m feeling much braver.

  2. Did you catch the Dilbert strip where they gave the pointy haired guy a sleeping pill and told him he’d won a trip to Mars on a space ship and the medication was to put him into hibernation? LOL When they woke him up, he remarked that he was back home again. They explained that the trip was so fast that they were able to return home again but that he’d been gone for days! LOL Oh my… and I hate having to use public restrooms–you never know what condition they’re in until you’ve committed yourself to going in.

  3. I used a public restroom this morning and I was uncomfortable the whole time.

  4. Have faith in the plane! We took our first flight a few weeks ago. It went smoothly, and I felt fine. Just didn’t like wearing the mask, but it was only a 2 hour flight. Doable.

    • I’m seeing the news footage of airports and planes and will wait a long time before placing myself into that madness. Even if there was no pandemic, I wouldn’t want to be around that many people.

  5. I hope you bought up big (stocked up on) several of each of those items you wanted but were out of stock – your worse fears may come true and they could be discontinued.

    Public toilets – not my favourite place…..but as you said, needs must so grit your teeth, (mask on) ‘hold your breath’ , touch as little as possible- do your business, wash your hands and leave as quickly as you can😊. I haven’t been in one since the beginning of the pandemic and I’m not sure when I’ll do so again.

    • I’ve always been quick and careful in public restrooms but ticked it up a bit yesterday. Self-flushing toilets really give me heebie-jeebies. Yes, I bought 2 of the face wash bottles. The perfume is far too costly to do that. With the new blush, and still some at home, I’m okay for a couple of years.

  6. Yes, getting on a plane or train seems so very far away. Restrooms now…there’s a new show at the fine arts today, and if I go there will be a need for the restroom.

  7. I’ve been using the public bathrooms just out of necessity. My bladder has sadly shrunk. I would love to feel safe getting on an airplane, BUT… not yet. Not yet. Our COVID numbers are starting to go up again here. And the deaths won’t stop.

  8. I need to get out my “rut” because although Auckland region (NZ) is still in a type of lockdown, retail is open. I’ve finally made a “list” which includes going to various other suburbs that have retailers I like to browse or buy in. I might made it out of the door and onto a bus/train this coming week…time will tell.

    Yes everything is mask, signing in and social distancing but most of the places I desire to be in, are smaller entities and rather specialised…

    Of course, during the course of any trip, a rest room will possibly be needed…ummm.

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