Can I have a do-over?

I need another Wednesday. I want today (Thursday) to be Wednesday as I didn’t get to the grocery story on the actual Wednesday because I was so busy with laundry, errands, and yard work.

This morning as I was preparing for the day, and thinking about going grocery shopping as soon as I was dressed, I was also thinking about the next two days with no where to go. Then it hit me, wait, today is Thursday, not Wednesday. I am going some where on Thursday, so I don’t have this day at home to just putter around. And I do have to run a quick errand on Friday, but not one that requires me to do my makeup and dress better than my around-the-house garb.

So, let me have another Wednesday.

6 responses to “Can I have a do-over?

  1. I know how that happens. These days, without my phone to remind me what day of the week it is, I forget. 🙂

  2. I’m not good on which day it is either. Even when the shared driveway neighbor goes to work and I know he’s gone M-F I still get the days jumbled. Then when public holidays come by garbage day is one day later, I missed the recycling alternate week completely but I did manage general garbage this week!
    I don’t have a schedule at the moment as I’ve gotten into being a home body….

    • You made me feel a bit better as I don’t have a schedule right now due to school holidays for the Christmas break. School schedule returns next week which takes up Wednesday & Thursday, that is if the schools reopen which I’m pretty sure they will. I’m planning to do a COVID test the day before returning to make sure all is well with me before going into all those classrooms.

  3. For sure, and I’ll have one too! LOL Sometimes, our life just gets out of control, no matter how organized we think we’re being.

  4. I agree! More time is needed! I had plans to get all errands done today and get them over with. Woke up to a very rainy day. I have talked myself into doing the errands tomorrow lol.

    • I was able to do the grocery shopping and it turned out quite well. Plenty of time in the day to do other tasks and to read my library book. The temperature climbed to 63 degrees with sunshine all day. It was a wonderful do-over day.

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