Summer storm

We had a big storm roll through here overnight, Wednesday into Thursday. Three tenths of an inch of precipitation, which is a pretty big deal for the area, especially in June, and lightening that lit up our bedroom for over an hour.

The downpour, hitting the patio roof, woke me up. I dozed off and on as it pounded and then realized that all of the cushions were out in the yard, on the garden bench and white loveseat. Oh well, it had been going on for some time, the cushions were already wet, they would dry out. But when I groaned and said what I was thinking, Terry sprang out of bed and ran down the hall, turning off the alarm, and going out in the storm to bring them in. Much more ambitious than me. Due to the wind the night before, a large limb had come down in the backyard, and Terry had spent the morning cutting that up.

After he got back in bed, I was awake enough to realize the lightening was providing a light show against the curtain and the thunder provided the soundtrack. I gave thanks for the rain. Any little bit helps. I gave thanks for a safe place to be in just such a storm. I gave thanks for a man who will run through the rain to get the garden furnishings to safety when he could have, like me, just stayed tucked in a nice snug bed.


8 responses to “Summer storm

  1. We need rain here (Texas Gulf Coast) too!

  2. Elizabeth A Rogers

    Wow, you got a lot of rain, but it’s very much needed throughout California (my home state). We in the Pacific NW have had more than our share of rain and chill but we finally have summer-ish temps for the next few days (the first since last year). Fifteen years ago, my husband (and I) would have rescued our patio furniture, but now our water-resistant cushions are on their own.

  3. We are sso lucky.

  4. Definitely lots of things to be thankful for.

  5. Glad to hear you got a bit of rain, so needed!

  6. Nice, sweet, caring husband! Gigi hawaii

  7. Lots of winter rain here in my region in New Zealand – but most of last week, nice dry breaks and even though it’s only Monday it’s been dry all of today. It’s a wonder your garden cushions hadn’t gone on a journey of their own…flying about the ‘hood.

  8. Nice to have all that rain… the lightning killed two people who were out walking their dog or pushing a stroller (two separate incidents). The person who was walking their dogs was killed. Sadly, the dogs were killed too.

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