Waning days of June

The first half of 2022 is coming to its end. Sheesh, what a time it’s been. Will the second half be any different? I’m not counting on it. Instead, I keep finding my joy where I can and retreating further and further into my own small world.

It’s been over a month since I was at school, with the first and second graders, sharing books and stickers. I miss the kids. I miss the preparation each week. It keeps me grounded. I will be ready to return in September. Until then, I am sharing in Sunday Sermons for Children with a few others at our church. Ours is an older congregation, and the children who come are made over and doted on and made to feel very special. Most of the children who come to Sunday service are grandchildren or relatives of the older members. We are never too sure how many or who will be in attendance, but we prepare, nonetheless.

Last Sunday when I did a brief interlude on the meaning of hallellujah, there were two children in the room, the three-year old daughter of long-time members and the great niece of another member. The niece was visiting from Tennessee and I had chatted with her before the service, telling her what we would be doing and inviting her to come down the aisle to the front of the altar at story time. She said she didn’t want to do that, and I told her that was fine, she didn’t have to, she could just listen from her seat. The three-year old was front and center when the time came.

After the service we had root beer floats and ice cream sundaes in the social hall. The Tennessee visitors were there as the great niece wanted to have one of each. Her mother told me that after I finished the lesson, her daughter turned to her and said, “I wish I had gone down there.” Maybe next time they visit.

Every morning I go out to water some part of our yards, to keep the space cool for the cats, and for me. I stand under the trees, looking up into the cool green branches, and give thanks for where I am, what I have, and the ability to enjoy the cool of the summer morning. Small joys in my small world.

8 responses to “Waning days of June

  1. The small joys are cumulative and add up to big joys!

  2. Small slivers of joy are the best DKZ and we need them every day and we need to notice them.
    I’m just thrilled to be alive today.

  3. Looking up at the sky through tree branches is one of my fondest memories of a visit to my half-sister who lived in Maitland, FL. She had these massive trees in her back yard that just invited you to stand underneath and look to the sky. It was summertime and warm so it was nice to be in the shade.

  4. That was a special time in church. It also was nice have those treats in the hall. Gigi hawaii

  5. Now I’m hungry for a root beer float. I’ve always loved them and they remind me of childhood. But even old ladies can have a treat now and then!

  6. Gosh! I used to love root beer floats too, but I can’t remember the last time I had one. I think we called them “brown cow,” but not sure. Gosh! It’s July already!!!

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