Lead-up to the 4th of July

The ants invaded front and back yesterday. The front porch had the little critters climbing the steps. The patio had them marching from the Italian cypress all the way to the dry cat food dish. The morning was a flurry of moving porch furniture, hosing the critters away from the front door, dumping cat food, sweeping the patio…and of course, finding the ant stakes to put in the proper places to halt their march to take over the world. All of this before 8 a.m.

The cats are enjoying the summer, finding roaches and ripping their legs off. There is very tall grass around the the greenhouse pad, which is ideal for certain insects. The kittens scamper and chase these critters all morning until they collapse in a pile and sleep under the trees in the cool grass.

Early last week we had many days of 104 degrees, but that has given way to cool temperatures in the 90s. Friday evening was so beautiful, with clouds at sunset that lit up bright orange and a breeze blowing through the backyard. Terry and I sat out on the bench, waiting for illegal fireworks to explode, watching the cats chase each other and climb the trees.

Friday night was quieter than expected, only a couple of loud bangs. I’m assuming each night, leading up the grand ol’ 4th, will get more explosive. Warnings have been going out on a daily basis, telling people of the fines they will incur should they set off the illegal stuff. I’m sure everyone is paying close attention and will adhere to the rules NOT! There is so much dry grass due to the drought and the people who refuse to water their yards. It’s very scary. Just one spark can set off a major fire.

Of course, I hate the sound of the fireworks. My anxiety, at this time of year, is literally, sky-high.

14 responses to “Lead-up to the 4th of July

  1. Sounds much like around here with the fireworks. We have some here that fire off guns too and that is always scary. Hope the sticks take care of the ants, they are pesky little critters. I do not like fireworks either and my little dog does not do well at all when he hears them. Hugs

  2. We have friends who used to drive several hundred miles to Canada to avoid the fireworks for their stressed-out dog. Veterans often react badly. A friend who was a child in Europe during WW2 found the 4th particularly stressful. I have no particular reason to hate fireworks, but I am also stressed during this time of year. We’ve had bottle rockets land on our then-cedar roof. I watch the floating balloons in fear. All of this is illegal, but danger and legality doesn’t stop idiots.

  3. I have to chuckle reading this as I cleaned up a spilled Terro ant trap in the bedroom this morning before I even had my first cup of coffee. I have 3 more trap set up in the living room in front of the sliding glass doors. The invasion has begun! LOL Ants coming in search of liquid/food. Amazing…

    • I’m quite happy if the ants stay out, aways from our living area. These are carnivore ants that eat dead bugs and rodents. And cat food when they run out of dead things.

  4. We have the same problem with fireworks but it’s at New Year and not the 4th that we have TONS of illegal fireworks. Granted, who knows what will happen this year on the 4th.

  5. I have been happily surprised by the lack of fireworks so far. Every year they go on for days and culminate (for the most part) on the Fourth. We don’t have such ant problems, but I remember times in the past when I lived where I had to massacre them just for sanity’s sake. 🙂

  6. Susan Gulliford

    The illegal fireworks just seem to go on-and-on all year. The unexpected ones affect everyone’s pets, veterans, special needs residents, wild animals, and, of course, can cause fires. I have never even been a big fan of the July 4th ones, but at least we knew they were coming.

  7. Oh, I remember the morning I walked into my kitchen to find ants all over the counter. Thank heavens we were able to resolve that and I hope I never have that experience again.
    I grew up with being allowed to legally have little firecracker caps. Then decades later as an adult living in Calif. with our young children, by then we could legally have a few firecracker types including those caps, snakes, sprinkles I think they were called, but none we shot into the sky — those were reserved for special 4th shows we could attend or observe in the sky from a distance. Eventually, firecrackers in our city became illegal as they are now. So far I haven’t heard any going off and it’s almost the 4th.

    • That’s what I remember too.But last night the big stuff began on the beach—always illegal. It sounded like dynamite. An invitation of sorts. Cannon Beach has signs all over reminding visitors that ALL fireworks, even sparklers(that’s the word you wanted), are illegal. So they will be here en mass tonight. It will be loud and horrible.

  8. that is terrifying DKZ living in fear of one dimwit setting off major fires. I believe all fireworks should be banned, I think of the terrified domestic pets cowering under beds, shivering and shaking like mine used to do. We need a good shakeup on this fragile planet of ours.

  9. Yes, few fireworks here. Ants in the upstairs bathroom tho.

  10. I had an experience a few decades ago with stray firework – setting off a fire at my previous home – and then the neighbour who caused it “blamed me” – that I spoilt his evening, having to put the fire out! But there was a silver lining, he said “never again would he do them”…. I hide away as best as I’m able since then…

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