The storytelling will resume

Our schools will open next Monday for another year of learning. I went out to Columbia on Friday morning to visit with the teachers and try to connect with the second grade teachers who I’ve not seen for two years due to the pandemic.

This year there will be three each of first and second grade rooms, total of six. Last year I was in four first grade rooms and two of the second grade classes with teachers who had hunted me down and asked me to come read to their students. This year I wanted to reconnect with the second grade teachers and see if they would like me to come back in. I didn’t know how they would respond, but they all said, YES!

They had loved what I had done when I could come even though it was only once a month back in 2019. This year I will be able to be there each week. You may remember, dear Reader, that I had decided this task would take top priority. I was so happy with their reactions.

I had made treat bags for all of the teachers, and whether they agreed to let me come back or not, I would still share the bags with them. They were all delighted and one recalled some bags I had shared in previous years. It’s nice to know they appreciate these small gestures.

The classes are big this year, 28 students in each one. These large numbers will test my class management skills. Last year was very easy, each class having only about 15 students. And, of course, the previous year was all done online so I had no discipline issues. I may be rethinking the way I do things. The second graders will know me because they saw me every week last year and understand my expectations.

This will be Year Nine of this assignment. One of my friends asked me if I planned to do this for 21 years like I did at Fresno High. Well, we’ll see…


9 responses to “The storytelling will resume

  1. I would imagine that the teachers would welcome a brief respite from their teaching duties. Hugs to you …

  2. What a well-deserved and delightful experience to be back in the room with children you know from last year! That was always something I cherished, to have them back again.

  3. Nine years! I seems like just a couple of years ago you started your elementary school volunteering. Both the children and the teachers are lucky to have you.

  4. How wonderful that you will be taking on even more challenging situations, which I know you will handle just fine. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    • I had six classes last year, 4 first grade and 2 second grade, spread over two days. The same structure this year, but adding an additional 2nd grade class. Class sizes will be bigger.

  5. wow that seems pretty busy for you – but obviously you enjoy it all – so I guess it’s like a toddle in the park – and you are going to stay young for sure…

  6. Oh gracious! I would ask for you in a heartbeat. You are a seasoned, super excellent teacher and I know you are an expert at handling all manner of students. I’m so happy for you and for all the children who will benefit from your love and learning.

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