Don’t be gone

Yes, Friday was a bit of a mixed-up day from what was planned to what really happened, but it was okay. I did laundry, worked in the backyard, and then sat on the couch reading my latest Marcia Muller book. The sitting on the couch thing had been in the works due to the covid vaccine. I figured resting afterwards would be a good idea. Resting after my busy week was also a good idea.

Two of the six classes at Columbia had substitutes this past week. The first graders are still getting to know me, and figuring out just how far they can push my buttons. With a sub, one class figured they would attempt another push.

They wanted to stay at their desks rather than go to the carpet for the story. That was okay with me, I’ve done that over the years. They reacted well to the story, but there was some noise and it didn’t seem to disappear unless I stopped reading. I gave them a warning and also reminded them about the next-door class who had missed a story a few weeks ago due to being noisy. They took the hint and finished strong. The sub asked if I could stay a bit longer. No, I have another class waiting for me.

The next day, one second grade class had a sub and the students were very noisy when I came in but cheered when they saw me and quieted. The sub explained it had been a crazy day. I took over the class. Now mind you, these are students who know me from last year when they were first graders. With my directions, they moved to the carpet, ready for the book. I had to make a few stops and remind them of proper behavior. They actually reminded one another. The sub asked if I could stay a bit longer. No, I have another class waiting for me.

The cheers went up when I opened the door for the last class of the week. Their teacher said they had been waiting for me. You may remember that I missed the first two weeks of October. One of the little girls reminded me of my absence:

“You were gone for two weeks.”

“Yes, but I was back last week. Were you not here last week?”

She looks at me, with really big eyes, “yes, I know, I remember the book you read about Milo, but you were gone for two weeks. Don’t be gone.”

That’s how I feel about the Target and CVS employees–don’t be gone. People are counting on you.


5 responses to “Don’t be gone

  1. What the little girl said is so sweet. Those children love you.

  2. I had to chuckle because I thought your title was about me–LOL I’m doing my best to ‘not be gone’. Resting is good… I envy you your energy. Blessings to you dear friend. Have a great weekend.

  3. tehachap: Yeah, I miss having energy. I used to be a high-energy person but guess I used most of it up.

  4. I just love your descriptions of the classes and the students. I feel a little bit like that girl: please don’t be gone. I look forward to seeing your posts, even if I don’t exactly cheer, I smile broadly. 🙂

  5. yes don’t get into the “don’t be gone mode” – as I said on your last post, lots of people have got into that “mode” and it’s becoming evident it’s not getting any better…the powers to be in the various industries need to rethink certain things!

    Another area that is having troubles is distribution companies that move commodities like foodstuffs around the country and there is both driver and vehicle shortages… it is really time for that kind of traffic to become wagons on trains…

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