First Monday in November

Rain is in the forecast for this week, the first full week of November, a good time for rain to begin and hopefully continue through till spring.

Because we are in desperate need of rain, there is no complaining about the wet, slick roads and the rain that makes outdoor work more difficult. My plan for today is to get the standing fans back to the storage unit. But, you know, if it’s raining…

There is a meeting at 4 for the church’s preschool board. This is my fourth year on the board and I don’t feel well equipped to serve, but I try to show up and be an encouraging voice for the hard work that is being done there. Right now, I’m concerned that we are looking at dollars and cents rather than ministry. After coming through the past two years, still operating, still standing, I cannot imagine thinking about making a hasty decision on closing. There is money in the bank, but it’s a fiscally conservative finance board on the church’s side that is attempting to call the shots. We must stand together, and stand firm.

Speaking of church, we had a lovely stewardship luncheon yesterday, kicking off stewardship pledge month. Large turnout for a barbecued chicken meal. Attendance has been increasing in the Sunday service, too, as people are coming out of the shadows and seeing that we are still standing, still functioning, We have visitors who I greet and many tell me they come for the peaceful calm services with the beautiful music. A drastic contrast to the outside world. It’s something people are hungry for, away from the tumult of political rhetoric and economic uncertainty. There is no rhetoric or uncertainty with God.

The election on Tuesday will either calm or stir up the marauding throngs who are determined to have their way over the way society is lived here in America. I am praying for calm acceptance of whatever may happen.


8 responses to “First Monday in November

  1. I am hoping you get some much needed rain we finally got some. My prayer is the same as yours concerning the outcome of the election.

  2. We’re getting a lite rain here and, because I’m not feeling good about the outcome of the election, my plan of acceptance is to eat myself into a sugar coma with See’s Candy.

  3. It’s raining in the Seattle area as well–it’s also quite chilly. It’s a big adjustment after our unusually warm spring and hot summer.

    I certainly share any and all concerns about the upcoming election. I truly fear for democracy if the “MAGA contingent” wins a significant number of offices. At 85+ I won’t be around indefinitely, but it’s totally unappealing to contemplate life in America under the former would-be Emperor of tRumpystan and his followers!

  4. We have very low clouds here… dropping down as I type this. I imagine they’ll settle down onto the highway and the powers that be will close off the highway to eastbound or westbound traffic. Traversing the curves down off the mountain is far too dangerous even when the sun is shining.

  5. It’s very cold here, below freezing, and we had snow flurries yesterday. More on the way for today, but I have already voted so I am going to keep my TV off tonight and hear about the results tomorrow morning. 🙂

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  7. I’ve only just realised (seen) that polling for your elections are underway – let’s hope it’s peaceful the right outcome evolves…

    no rain here, but winter flipped back a bit…

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