Oh, what a Thursday!

Thursdays are the days I read to three second grade classrooms. Because of the timing, number of classes, and the willingness of the second grade teachers, I am able to do this even though my original, and main, responsibility is to first graders. The second graders are great because they know me from last year. The teachers also know me and how I work with the students and my expectations and that I will show up every week.

When I signed in at the main office today, the staff, as usual greeted me by name as did a little first grader waiting to see the nurse. A mother was standing behind me, waiting for her child to come to the office to go to a dentist appointment.

“You’re Mrs. Zody,” the parent asked, “the lady who reads books to the students?”

I turn around to see the woman, and answer, “yes, I am.”

“My son, Julian, talks about you all the time! He comes home and tells us the book you read and what you brought the class. He gets so excited on the days you come.”

I ask her whose class Julian is in and find out it’s the class I had to leave mid-story last week due to poor behavior. “I’m sorry I didn’t get to finish last week’s story.”

“He told me that the girls wouldn’t be quiet and you left. He was very disappointed.”

“Yeah, me too,” was my reply. Then I said I would say hi to him today, but she told me he was absent, at home not feeling too great.

“He says lots of kids in the class are getting sick.”

Yes, it’s that time of the year, and sure enough, each of the three classes had sick kids who were IN class. Coughing, sneezing, one boy fell asleep. Of course, they all want to hug me, get right in my face to tell me things, and just like it was when I was teaching, I get coughed and sneezed on. All the classes behaved well so they all heard every bit of today’s book, Evelyn del Rey is Moving Away.” I handed out butterfly stickers as that was a trademark of Evelyn del Rey. I left more for the students who were absent so I hope Julian will get one.

By the time I walked to my car, I didn’t feel well. A little dizzy, stomach hurt, tired. “I CANNOT GET SICK” my internal voice screamed. I drove home, and as is always the case when I’ve been out, put all my clothes in the clothes hamper, washed my glasses and hands, but went one step further–got in the shower, and washed my hair, too. Sent all the cooties down the drain.

Now, as I type this, I am drinking a cup of hot tea and eating 365 brand pumpkin cookies. It’s the start of my Thanksgiving holiday time. I already feel better, and have plans to be back in two weeks. I just hope all the students and their teachers are well.


13 responses to “Oh, what a Thursday!

  1. Stay well. I’d hate for you to get the flu (or worse).

    • I’m hoping for all to be well. Got our flu vaccinations over a month ago and COVID vaccine #5 two weeks ago and I take a probiotic every day, just like I did while teaching.

  2. Will have to Google 365 brand pumpkin cookies!!! Pumpkin is supposed to be very good for the digestive system!!! How neat that you were able to make contact with the mother of that little boy, Julian. I can just imagine his excitement when his mother returns home and tells him she had met you and talked with you. All smiles here…. be well… and I like your idea of stripping down, showering and getting rid of all the germs you probably picked up from the kids. They mean well, but they’re walking/talking bits of infection waiting to attack. LOL Hugs…

    • I don’t know how good these cookies are for you! They are, after all, cookies. 365 is Whole Foods store brand.

      • I have mixed feelings about sugar — love it to pieces, but know it’s not all the best for a person’s health. But truly, if we can’t enjoy the things life brings to us then what good are we??

  3. I have been reading about all the people getting sick these days, many of them children. I am hoping I’ll make the Thanksgiving holiday travel there and back safely and without catching anything. 🙂

    • With your vaccinations and good protocols, you should be fine. Take plenty of antibacterial wipes with you. I buy boxes of the things and have them in all my purses, in the car, and even hand them out to the children at school if they are going to be helping me with the story. While out running errands or taking trips around town, I wipe down the car every time I get in.

  4. Make sure you do everything in your control to boost your immune system. As you know, this won’t be the first time you’re coughed and sneezed on.

    • Not the first nor the last! I feel badly for the teachers who are “locked” in the room with them all day. At least when I taught high school classes, the kids were only with me for an hour or so and then we opened the door and let bad air out and fresh air in. I would ask the students to wipe down desks and computer keyboards when they arrived to class.

  5. Hoping you and all the children are well soon and stay well.

  6. such difficult times – as once it was just a general winter ailment – now there’s “that virus” – here it’s still around, but there is a whole less resistance to being safe.

    I still have my purse size sanitizer and I seem to use it far more than originally when they were first introduced.

    Friday when I left here in the community hospital shuttle, right through to my appointment I had to be masked – the technician was masked but of course for the breathing tests, I had to take it off. And whilst I waiting for shuttle, it was back on…

    I took it off when I was eating my snack in the sun

    When I got home, I forgot I even had it on until I went into the bathroom!

  7. I got sick every fall and spring. I remember one (thank goodness ONLY) incident when I was waiting with my class and a student looked really unwell. I leaned over and asked him if he was OK. And then he barfed onto my pants and shoes. Had to send him to the nurse’s office and then rush home for a change of clothes during the lunch break. Good thing I lived close by. After that, I kept a change of clothes in my locker.

    I think it’s so awesome that the children are just super loving having you come to visit them and that the parents are appreciating it too. That really says a lot.

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