The last weekend in November

It’s been a quiet few days around here. I’ve not left the house since Wednesday, but will go out for a brief period today–Saturday, and again tomorrow–Sunday. Monday will be back to full-tilt busyness. But for this last weekend in November…I will relish the stillness.

Our weather, though chilly in the mornings, has been quite nice in the afternoons, high 60s and even 71 on Thanksgiving Day. I raked leaves on Friday and hauled cypress detritus to the garbage container for pickup on Tuesday. I could do that task every day and make a small dent on the amount of needles that seven Italian cypress shed. However, there is not enough room in the garbage bin for that much heavy material.

Taken in by Internet advertising, I ordered some clothes from JJill on Saturday. I have one pair of pants from that store purchased years ago when I was visiting the kids in San Mateo. Fresno has its own JJill store, but I’ve never been in there. Instead, what do I do? order online, from the comfort of my couch, sans makeup and wearing scruffy clothes. And the entire order is made up of comfy, warm clothes. At 40% savings.

I have baked fruitcakes and am now in the aging process. The cakes, not me. Well, maybe if I pour the brandy in me, my aging will come along well, too?? When I posted a picture on Facebook of my fruitcake from a few years ago (you know, those memories that pop up?), I had a few people comment about it and found out there are a few others out there who like really good fruit cake. So, I have six small cakes, and this year I won’t have to eat them all myself! I have some local takers when the cakes are aged to perfection in a couple of weeks.

On Sunday I will go to church and just sit in the pews, join a table at lunch afterwards, and go home. No duties. Oh, I will probably go around greeting visitors and chatting with those who are so delightful or those whom I’ve not seen in awhile or those who just need a smile and a few words.


4 responses to “The last weekend in November

  1. I love a good fruit cake but have never made one. I bet homemade ones are delicious.

  2. I’m still recuperating from Thanksgiving. Hmmm… I need to get some fruit ready for fruitcake too. I just don’t have energy right now for the next holiday. I wish they were spaced out more.

  3. I used to make fruitcakes every year, I belong to a exchange type of group and my cakes were always ordered…but those days have long gone, and dried fruit and me are no a good combination…

    and I’m pleased you don’t have “duties for Sunday” – time to rest and be a receiver of other people’s duties…

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