About those Christmas cards

Since I last wrote about Christmas cards two opportunities to give to others came to my attention, and by combining those with the coats I had already purchased for children and See’s chocolate Santas I got for the Columbia staff, I decided there was no money for cards and stamps.

I will not purchase cards or postage stamps, and I will use the time I would have devoted to writing, signing, and addressing to other activities.

We have received one card as of November 26. I’ll let you know if any more show up.


10 responses to “About those Christmas cards

  1. I’ve been playing with ideas for creating my own Christmas cards this year but haven’t actually got a design set yet. It’ll come. LOL But I like your idea that after giving to others, there isn’t enough funds for cards/postage. Nothing wrong with that in my book!

  2. None here, so far. Last year I sent out approximately 8 but may well do zero this year. Not sure yet. . .

    • I usually send around 50, but in 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic, I went way overboard. Right around 100 cards each year, beautiful, high quality cards. Each envelope hand-addressed; each card with a handwritten note and signature.

      • I used to send 50-75 cards when I was working. My husband and I are both lifelong introverts, so we don’t have a very large social circle in retirement, which is fine with us. I once had very nice handwriting–or so I was told–but now not so much. I sincerely admire those who send personalized handwritten cards, but that’s no longer in my repertoire.

  3. “…each card with a handwritten note.” You and others like you are my heroes. If there is man who does this, I am particularly impressed.

    • The husband of one of my young teacher friends writes the Christmas newsletter. He should be writing for the Tonight Show (which is probably defunct now) because he has a great way of making every family story outrageously funny. In real life he’s an engineer.

  4. Selecting a card, writing the letter, signing our names, addressing the envelope are a spiritual practice for me. That is a choice I make and we each have the freedom to choose practices that fit our hearts and our abilities.

  5. Newsletters… less impressive than personal notes on each card. I have never done that.

  6. got a tiny little card from a friend, who I bought something larger from, have no idea where to put it because it really needs a display plinth of it’s own to shine…

    but don’t expect to see any cards other than something from the postal people – advertisement usually about Christmas hours.

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