The close of the first month of 2023

January has been a long month, or so it seems for me. It’s definitely not my favorite month; that would be February which comes in just two days. January is always cold and dark here in the San Joaquin Valley. This year there has been lots of rain, which is a really good thing. I cannot lament the rain, except that it’s kept me from working in the yard.

One would think the month flew by when I look at all that I did over the past four weeks. But, it just seems that it was even longer than usual. July and August also have 31 days, and yet, those months pass in a blink of the eye. Each week in January I had a list of things to do taped on the shelf unit here at my desk. Every week I was diligent and accomplished the whole list. A new list hangs there right now, with more activities than usual as I really need to do some shopping. I was also given tasks on Sunday to accomplish for this committee I now chair at church. It’s not fun stuff, but it much be accomplished, so on the list they go.

I did accomplish a task for the committee yesterday, while at church, but it was enjoyable as it was all about talking to people to garner information to pass on to other people. I really enjoy talking with people and problem-solving, but accounting stuff, details with accounts, banking…those are like fingernails on the blackboard, and those are things to be done in February.

When I saw the first and second graders last week I told them that February is my favoritist month of the year, especially since it’s the end of winter. It’s also the shortest month, with lots of school holidays, Valentines Day, Groundhog Day (which is my sister’s birthday and my half-year birthday) and my wedding anniversary on the very first day. The days get longer, the daffodils bloom in the front yard. So, let’s finish up January and move on.


8 responses to “The close of the first month of 2023

  1. Here in the northeast February is the worst month! We want winter over NOW, but there are at least 6 more weeks to go. Nevertheless I love the seasons here and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  2. I agree, but it seems hard to believe that we have already gone through an entire month in the new year! 🙂

  3. DJan, yes it does. If we can get through February/early March in the Pacific NW without snow, we’re likely done for the year. Whew!

    I used to have lots of “things to be accomplished”, but since my body essentially decided to go on strike a few years ago, not so much anymore.

  4. January has been interesting. Each day has flown by, but the month has seemed very long.

    • It’s those 31 days! That’s one of the reasons I like February, it’s just 28 days and spring is so close by the time the month ends. I can feel my whole self feeling lighter just knowing February will be here and gone in a blink. Or, that’s it’s usual speed. I really want the warm months to go slowly and last long. As the years pass, I now I will have fewer of those lovely summer days.

  5. This month has been mixed – earlier in the month it was the “tail end of a cyclone” and then it was a lovely summer break until last Friday when a major “atmospheric river” struck. Our region is still in that State of Emergency and now the rest of the upper island is also in said State of Emergency with parts of our region interlinked. The pattern has changed but of course in the parts of our region already suffering, the ground is still sodden – so this add on of rain from apparently the “rainmaker” not to be confused with a “snowmaker machinery” isn’t helping.
    The only thing I understand is a “cyclone” everything else is new buzz words and of course in this part of NZ there isn’t any need for the “snowmaker”
    I did take a walk around the ‘hood this morning – it wasn’t raining when I left, but 30 minutes later I was rained upon…now early evening and it’s gray and rather breezy but not cold…hoping the rain will cease soon.

  6. What’s to say? January is my birth month.

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