Another rainy Sunday

Many retired people tell me they struggle to know what day of the week and/or month it is. During the actual shutdown of the pandemic I would often wonder about the day of the week. Terry or I would announce the date and the day when we would wake up as those months went on. That kept us on track then. After we returned to a more normal routine, we would still announce day and date but we were doing a pretty good job of keeping track of our schedule. I’ve mentioned that I keep calendars in three places where I spend much of time here at home just so I can see what is coming up on our schedule and keep the days in mind.

The last four days made all that go out the window. Terry and I are sleeping in separate rooms during this COVID quarantine so we don’t wake up together to announce the day and date. This morning one of the cats came to tell me to get up so I announced the day and date to her! I had to think for a moment. Is it really Sunday? The first Sunday since Christmas that we’ve not been up early to get ready for church. And, of course, the previous four days had no rhythm or reason to them. So, I can see why some retired people might have trouble remembering what day it is.

It’s dark and pouring rain again so that’s another reason I wasn’t too excited about getting out of bed and starting my day. But, the cat didn’t care. She was ready for her breakfast. Since today is the fifth day, and I am still doing just fine with no symptoms, I’m planning to get back in the saddle on Monday and go back to my routine. I have a meeting tomorrow morning. Food supplies need to be replenished. Tuesday I have a hair appointment. Then Wednesday and Thursday I will be back at Columbia. I was so sad to miss storytelling last week. My days will again have shape and purpose.


8 responses to “Another rainy Sunday

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Since we’ve been in temporary housing while our duplex is refurbished, I have to consciously remember what day it is, what on earth I can fix for meals, etc. Very discombobulated…

    • I love the idea of having a place to live while the remodeling work is being done. I have said, many times, that I do not want to live in a house while it is torn up for remodel. It was hard enough for the three days a couple of years ago when we had a new HVAC unit installed. The installers were all lovely, they even cleaned every day before leaving, but it was nerve wracking. To be gone elsewhere when the work is happening sounds wonderful.

  2. I wouldn’t have moved out if I had had to pay for it, but the powers that be (in this retirement community) have decided it’s cheaper to move us into temporary housing (usually used for relatives or folks who are thinking about moving here) while they paint and put in new carpet. They also have tame movers who pack and store all the furniture while the other stuff is going on. That way they aren’t responsible for things getting damaged, etc.

  3. I read about that twelfth atmospheric river coming your way. It’s been so horrendously rainy in your neck of the woods! Hope this is the last one. And so glad to hear that you escaped the scourge. 🙂

  4. I am struck by your words “shape and purpose.” Redefining those words is an ongoing task of aging, I think. And a challenge.

    • I feel that the shape will be shifting quickly through these elder years. An illness can create a major change in the way life is lived. The loss of a loved one, as we have been experiencing in droves these past few years, really changes the shape of life, leaving a huge hole. Economic setbacks can cause another shape-shifter if there is no longer funds to replace or repair items that are needed for one’s comfort and convenience. Where there was once optimism, grief and disillusion set in. The future was bright and anything possible when we were young.

  5. Ever since we got that ‘dementia’ clock for mom, she has been loving it. She never has to ask us everyday what the date or day is. The giant calendar we gave her did not help. She’s now happy to see the clock every morning right in front of her TV. Art is now saying we should get one for us too. LOL

  6. My calendar is an app on my phone – which also has “day before reminders” although those reminders can send me a curve ball. I try to remember to look at the app, as it is very helpful. Plus if I know I’ve got to catch a bus or be at the curb, I set an alarm for a time frame of that “activity” – quite often earlier so I have a bit to eat, because many of my actitivies are early arvo…

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