I started writing here, not really knowing a thing about blogging, in 2007. Thirteen years later and I’m still learning through my writing. When things don’t seem to be working out, or life seems to be a bit crazy, or when so many good things pile up on one another, I write. Either here or in my journals.

Since we are in the midst of a pandemic, circa 2020, I decided to update this page about me. I’m a retired high school teacher; it was a second career. I have been married to a terrific man for over four decades and lived in the same house for almost as many years. I’m a grandmother. I am a very good friend. Those things haven’t changed during the pandemic. The rest of my life has been scrambled, deleted, and in some cases, will never be the same. Even in the pandemic, though, I write. That is a constant.


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  1. Thanks for the add to your links, but can you change it to “TeachJ”?

  2. How do I get in touch with you via e-mail? I have a “present” to send you for entering my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes!

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you subscribed. As soon as I discover how to establish links, I’ll add your blog.
    Hank Kellner

  4. It’s an honor to have your visited on my page, friend. i could not help myself but agreed with teacher speak 🙂 ( my parent both are )..
    Can we have exhange link on our blogroll list?

    Wow…that a greatness of being a teacher, have much time to do own stuff, and long holiday.

    Will love to drop at your page anytime, and continue reading yours.

    Hope you enjoy your holiday, here some love from east.

  5. Hi DKZody,

    I found your blog at the Edublog Award 2008 nominee list. I am working on a community service project @ MIT university. We want to get kids to make videos about SAT vocabulary and create a free and more fun way to prep for the big test. You can view some sample videos at the website we’re using http://www.BrainyFlix.com.

    To encourage participation, we are going to run a contest and give out a small cash prize to the video that receives the most number of votes from viewers. We’ll start accepting video submissions on January 1, 2009.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to write a short post about our charity event. The more videos we receive, the more helpful we think we can be!

    Please let me know. If you have any hangups about doing so, I’d love the chance to address them.

    Thank you and have a happy new year!

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I’m enjoying reading some of your stuff!

  7. Hi! Yes, I am baffled by the folks who drop by my blog without even saying hello – and I’m very glad you did, so that I could meet you and check out YOUR blog.

    Do you think that higher test scores and higher graduation rates translate into higher retention of knowledge and skills, and more success in the real world? Or are we training kids to pass the tests, but fail at life? I’ll admit to being somewhat biased against these tests – I think too much class time is spent “teaching to the test” and too little is spent on requiring students to think deeply and critically for themselves.

    I’ve got my 13 year old in Scouts, learning skills, and he earns 6 minutes of video game time for every SAT vocabulary word he learns (demonstrating spelling, meaning, and practical application). I also reward reading and discussion with game time (it’s his favorite, and most effective, incentive). But all that time in school – ironically, his lowest grades are in his best subjects, and no one seems to recognize the problem with that. He’s bored, but learning to skate by. His test scores are usually in the Recognized or Commended range.

  8. missincognegro

    What will your third career be?

    • I don’t know just yet, but it will take place in San Francisco. I am looking into nonprofit with an interest in microfinance and entrepreneurship. I’m waiting for God to call me up and tell me. 😎

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  11. Hi,
    I love the idea of your blog.I’m an English teacher and I wonder if my students can take a look on your blog.We can interchange ideas and put each others blogs on blogroll.Is that ok?
    mine is :http://hellochichaoua.wordpress.com

  12. Do you have an email? I have a question for you.


  13. Dear Dkzody:

    I enjoy reading your blog, and was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange. My book blog’s url is educationanddeconstruction.com. Every week, I make a nonfiction book recommendation in the topic areas of education, history, technology, biography and/or humor. I have already put up your link. Please reply if you would like to do a link exchange. Thank you.


    Sally Friedman

  14. Clicked your name on a SocketSite comment re: The Triangle. Would love to touch base with you as a neighbor. – jamie

  15. Dear Dkzody:

    I am pleased to announce that my book: “The Education and Deconstruction of Mr. Bloomberg, How the Mayor’s Education and Real Estate Development Policies Affected New Yorkers 2002-2009 Inclusive” is available at both Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com, on the Kindle, on other e-books and in book form.

    Here is a link to Amazon:


    Please visit my book blog at http://www.educationanddeconstruction.com (See “Bonus Post”) and https://www2.xlibris.com/bookstore/bookdisplay.aspx?bookid=81047 to read excerpts. Thank you.


    Sally A. Friedman

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your word for 2011 — adventure — and I wish you many magical adventures in the coming year!

  17. Hi Dkzody:
    I quit a job of 17 years and have embarked on my second career in the non-profit sector.. an idea that grew out of a need for my child and a few parents have joined hands. Our goal is to open our children’s minds to the world around them and provide a forum for intelligent exchange. Please check out Youngzine (www.youngzine.com). Would love your thoughts on it and perhaps chat more if you would like to get engaged.

    • Thanks for the “heads up” Deepa. I took a look at the site and was impressed. I have also passed it along to my Twitter and Facebook people, many of whom are teachers, to see what they think. I will write a blog piece, too, and see what comments come back. I’ll keep in touch.

      Delaine Zody

  18. Thanks for dropping by. After 30+ yrs, I’m into my 7th in an entirely different environment.


  19. (I meant to say: …After 30+ yrs in one career , I’m into my 7th yr in an entirely different career environment. At least that’s what it sounded like in my head.)

  20. Hi,

    I am a cegep student from Quebec, Canada. I recently came back from a study trip in Nicaragua. Now that I have returned, I am deperately looking for information on how to start a microfinancing project without having any organizations backing me up. The girls and I have a plan to go back to Nicaragua in November, 2011 to start a couple of projects to help them grow out of poverty. One of these projects is a small-scale microfinancing program that we would like to start in the small village we stayed at during our stay. However, there is a slight problem: We have our contacts and our ideas, but we do not know how to go about organizing it. During our meetings, we hope to get further with the planning, but we can’t really move forward because we have a million unanswered questions that are stopping us. Is there anyway you can help us out? Anything at all would be very very very appreciated!

    Thank you,

    • Hi Lili, sounds like a great adventure you are setting out on and a good way to help a community. I am not an expert in this field, and have only a little knowledge of microfinancing; however I think you should read some books, if you’ve not already to get some ideas.

      I like Alex Counts’ “SMall Loans, Big Dreams,” as well as Muhammad Yunus books on how he got started.

      Since you do not want to go with one of the established lending agencies, like Kiva, I would say the first thing you must do is get an account with money in it. Then find your first five or six people to whom you wish to loan money. Make them accountable to one another, provide the funds with a way to pay the money back, and see what happens. Once you have seen how it works with one small lending circle, then you could branch out from there. I would start very small and see what happens. Make sure the people to whom you are lending have viable plans to use the money. Will you still be in the area to collect the money when they repay the loan? If not, you will need to select someone or some agency to which they can pay the money. Then you will need to figure out how to reloan the proceeds. Do not expect to make money from this, and you must charge interest. That way you can continue to grow more loans even if some of your borrowers renege and do not repay. That will happen from all I have read.

      I wish you the best of luck with this project, and I would love to hear more of your story. Please feel free to contact me.

      Delaine Zody Fresno California

  21. Good afternoon,
    I am doing some research on microcredit/microloan in the central valley and came across your blog here. Do you know of anything happening for these folks?



  22. Hi Delaine- Thought I would return the favor and visit your site. 🙂 My stats tell me lots of people visit but so few leave comments, so I really appreciate that you took the time. I’ve followed you, so will be checking back in frequently. Have a lovely day in CA! One of my sisters in law and her family live in Manteca, but we haven’t visited yet. Someday….. Best, Donna

  23. Having fun checking out your blog – great stories and wonderful writing. Photos are fun, too – they really add to the stories, don’t they? Best of everything – Marsha (Susan in the non-blog world)

  24. Halu! I love the feel of your posts. 🙂 I was gonna say they’re rather “tasty” even before I noticed you header image which says “live tastefully.” I feel the wonderful rhythm in your posts. Soothing… 😀

  25. Hi Dkzody, thanks for ‘loving’ my cowbird story. Great to meet you here through cowbird and your blog. If you get time, please come and stop by my blog at TheHotSkillet.com.

  26. Hi Dkzody,
    I’m new at blogging, but when I read your “about” page, I realized I could learn much from you. I look forward to reading more.

  27. Hi, I saw your review of Quality Roofing on Yelp. My shake roof needs to be replaced, it’s about 2200 sf. with an average pitch. A tract home, ranch style, circa 1973. I was just wondering what Quality Roofing charged for your new roof…if you don’t mind disclosing. I’m in Corcoran, so, it might be more, but I’m just starting out getting quotes. Thanks for any info you can share!

  28. Shelley spencer

    Delaine, I would love to get in touch with you. I’m hosting Christmas charoling this year.

  29. Nice to meet you!

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