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When it gets to be too much

The news is unsettling, to say the least. Not just in the world, but the United States, and even in Fresno. I would prefer to bury my head right now.

Instead, I will go out in my backyard and enjoy the quiet for awhile and think good thoughts and ask God to send peace and grace to all of us.



Back to school

The teachers and other staff have returned to Columbia (and other schools in town). Most went back last week. Lots of meetings and planning before the students ever appear. 

I stopped by this morning to drop off school supplies I had collected–backpacks, notebooks– and shoes and pants. Another retired teacher friend brought binders for me to deliver. The shoes were paid for by a retired art teacher. 

The sixth grade teacher who was brand new last year has returned. He asked if I would work with this class again. Sure. Would he like a class set of notebooks and pens?  Yes, that would be great. There were also 10 packs of lined binder paper in the box that he could use as he has his students do lots of writing. 

In chatting with the principal I learned that my presence would be desired on the first day of school. To make sure the first morning goes smoothly. Sure, I can do that. I have star erasers to hand out as I greet my former first graders and will remind them to be bright shining stars. 

A new week, month, and year

The week started with the grandchildren leaving. The month started with a serious hot spell. And I began a new year as an official senior citizen. This was the birthday that delivered that special card–the Medicare card. I also had to get my military ID card updated so as to distinguish myself as “senior.”  

A few other birthday cards also arrived, but only a few. I send actual cards to about 30 people a year. I got 4 cards in the mail. Maybe it’s time I just gave up. Cards in the mail must not mean much to people. I really like to get cards, but, as you can see, not many like to send any to me. Can you tell how very disappointed I am?

No record this time

It appears we will not tie or break the record of 21 straight days of triple digit heat. It is much cooler this morning, in the 60s instead of high 70s, with a forecast of 99 for this afternoon. 

The nearby forest fires are making for some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Of course, the air can be pretty bad for breathing purposes. As I stepped out on the front porch this morning, the sun exploded through the tree branches. 

Back to normal

We got back from our trip to Portland, where it was cool, to our town where it’s over 100 degrees. I’m back to watering the yards and running errands early in the morning when it’s cool. I was out at 8 this morning and back home by 10. While grocery shopping, I bought ripe peaches.

Although over 100 degrees this afternoon, I cranked up the oven to bake a pan of brownies. Then those peaches called my name. I wanted to make something special to thank our next door neighbors who watered our front yard while we were gone to Portland. I got out puff pastry and made a couple of pastries. I had enough dough and peaches to make two small pies for our dessert this evening.

Keeping the kitchen cool with all this baking was helped with this fan.

I am so grateful to be back home, after our great time in Portland, where I can get back into my routine. It may be hot, but it’s summer and that’s normal for us.

Welcome to the neighborhood

This is the house our son-in-law found for our vacation rental. 

It’s 2 bedrooms and a sleeper sofa in the living room. We especially like the kitchen/dining room so we can fix our own meals. And the washer/dryer so we can stay clean. 

A short walk takes us to the light rail station or to a school ground where the grandkids can run and play. 

On the way back, we go by a house that has put a swing in over the sidewalk. Judah and Leeya think it’s the best house in Portland. 

Hanging out in Oregon

The main reason for the family trip to Oregon was for our daughter to attend the American Baptist biennial conference. The rest of us are just  along for the ride. 

I had three items on my must-do list–go to Powell’s Books, shop at Nordstrom’s, and make a trip out to McMinnville, the small town where Jennifer attended college. I loved McMinnville but we were always in a rush when we brought Jen to school in the fall or when we picked her up in the spring. I never got enough of the quaint downtown. 

Our son-in-law has an aunt and uncle living in McMinnville and they met us at Linfield College and took us to lunch. We sat and talked all afternoon. 

On the left is the aunt and uncle and Terry. On the right is Leeya, Jen, Judah, me, and Chad.