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Spring time with the Zodys 

First of all, the weather has not been spring-like. 

But cold and rainy. 

Our small grandchildren had a great time staying with us during their spring break. 

While they had dinner one evening with the other grandparents, Terry and I went downtown to ArtHop, a once a month open house of various venues where local artists show and sell their wares. I met up with the artist who make lavender sachets that look like Frida Kahlo. I got two for the grandchildren and one for me. 

We also ate at a food truck where you can get jackfruit tacos. This is a jackfruit next to my purse. 

We ate carne asada this time, though. 

Although windy and cold on Palm Sunday, the sun was shining. 

I hosted the coffee fellowship. 

Terry stayed home on Sunday due to a bad cold. Can winter just be over!

A midweek update

Busy week here but it’s all fun and games. Well, most of it. 

I read this book to first graders:

I made an Easter basket to give to the school receptionist. She’s always helping me with small favors. 

I attended a breakfast where these disposable utensils were used. They cost less than the water and labor that would be used to wash them:

These are growing in my front yard:

A fourth grader had new shoes:

I learned that two of my wonderful first grade teachers whom I’ve known for three years are being moved to other grade levels. I am devastated as I like these ladies so much. Guess it’s not all fun. 

Still running the speaker’s bureau 

This past week saw another guest speaker in the 6th grade class at Columbia.  This is my friend Hector with whom I taught for eight years. He taught social science to the same group of students to whom I taught marketing. We made a great team. 

Hector is now athletic director at the high school where the 6th graders will eventually attend. He encouraged them to work hard, try different activities, get involved. Then he asked them to dream. 

What would their life look like when they were 25. Many stood, at the front of the class, and shared. Owner of a New York restaurant. A teacher. A sports doctor. And more typical for kids, a fireman. 

To top it off, he brought lunch for the class and reminded them to always share with others. 

The end of the week

As the week ends, and so much anguish is felt, I decided to spend the afternoon here:

Sitting on the garden bench my son-in-law built and reading the books newly delivered from Powell’s. 

The cat joined me. She’s tired of all the bad news, too. Let’s just sit and be still and quiet. Until next week. 

Pizza, pizza

It was a busy week culminating with more guest speakers on Friday for the sixth graders at Columbia. 

These two pizza store owners are twins, and I’ve known them for almost 30 years. Their mother was our department secretary. Their older brother was a student in my first computer class, way back in 1988. I was so happy when they agreed to come talk to the sixth graders about operating a business. The Columbia kids really liked their presentation because they got to come up with marketing ideas for the pizza business. They also got pizza to eat. 

After the fellas went back to work, I met the Ladies Who Lunch for our monthly get-together. They had kindly delayed our start time so that I could make the event at a restaurant not too far from the school. 

One of the gals brought the sign on the left for me:

I was always the proofreader when we all worked together. The grammar queen sign was made by the same woman who made our Ladies Who Lunch sign. 

Today I am being ultra lazy. A few loads of laundry and some yard work and lots of sitting on the couch, reading a book. No where to go and no obligations to be met. 

Rainy days and printers

There were beautiful days of sunshine this past week. Saturday was so glorious. I worked in both front and back yards, pruning away the growth spurred by the winter rains. Our former neighbors stopped by to see the tulips growing from bulbs I had purchased two years ago from their small daughter when she was raising funds for her classroom. We all stood around in the front yard admiring flowers and reminiscing. It was that kind of day. 

Today, Sunday, it is this kind of day:

Yep, pouring rain. 

Our old laser printer had died. Since we had a newer printer/scanner/copier that had been purchased for the San Francisco apartment, we weren’t in any hurry to replace the old printer that dates back to the days when I did the yearbook. 

Terry did some research. He talked to a pretty, young, HP rep last week who reassured him about the ink cartridges. (The previous laser printer had cylinder cartridges that each cost $100. $400 to replace all the colors.) 

The office supply store put the selected printer on sale so he headed out on Friday to make the purchase. He took the old printer and boxes of used cartridges with him. Because of the large purchase, they didn’t charge him to recycle all that old technology. 

The new printer came out of the box, ready to go. 

While sitting there in the family room, staring at the now empty box, I noticed that it said it could print from my smart phone.  Just what I wanted. 

I went to the App Store, got the HP remote printer and I was all set. I could print directly from the phone which I have now done twice. I love technology. Rain? Not so much. 

First guest speaker

I got up at 5 this morning so I would be at Columbia before 8 to greet the first in my lineup of speakers. He beat me there. We were both that excited for what this day meant. Phil believes sixth graders are very important. I want these sixth graders to have the best. It was a win-win situation. 

Here he is, speaking to the class. I gave my phone to one of the students and had him take pictures for me. 

Remember the swag bag dilemma? I made my own and had one of the students present it at the end of Phil’s presentation. 

It was a successful first speaker event. The students were so polite and engaged. The next one is in two weeks.