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Decadent summer living

It was 90 degrees when I returned home from running errands this morning. Too hot, certainly, to think of cooking or baking anything. I bought all cool foods at the grocery store, and a stack of books at the bookstore. I’m set to live my decadent life of eating and reading under the air conditioner the rest of the week. 

For this morning, I’m having cake with blackberries and starting a book that was written in the 1980s. 

Summer days

I found some cushions and pillows, on sale, and further discounted on Cartwheel, at my neighborhood Target store. They work very well on the garden bench my son-in-law built  late last year. 

The cats enjoy the cushions, too. 

As you can see in the photo, our sunny days have arrived.  I open the curtains in the morning when we first get up, but as the sun travels around, I close them so as to keep the living room cooler. The tree has leafed out and casts a lovely shadow. 

Summertime, and the living is easy. 

Third year school wrap up 

Last week I completed Year 3 of school chaplain. I got this new pin for my uniform: 

These are the four first grade classes with their certificates:

Some of the classes made thank-you notes for me and drew pictures:

As you can see, my red hair was memorable!

The teachers gave me lovely gifts and notes, too:

An owl for my porch:

A pot of tulips (my favorite flower):

And a Whole Foods gift card so I can buy delicious items for my summer lunches away from school. 

Next year I will be working with a new set of teachers as these are all going in other directions. I will miss them as they are all good teachers and really nice people. 


I’m sitting in the doctor’s waiting room at 5:30, waiting to see the doctor I’ve told you about who can easily take 2+ hours for an appointment. I know there are at least two patients ahead of me. It’s going to be a late evening. 

Earlier this week I replaced my hanging cosmetics bag that I use when traveling. I had this one since 1990. 

It’s seen a lot of miles, and I would say I got my $19 worth. It has begun to fall apart, but it was hard to find something I like to replace it. 

Then I saw this Vera Bradley bag where I had bought my larger storytelling bag. 

The new one is a bit smaller but it will do, and I’m hopeful it will last me for the rest of my travels in this lifetime. 

Our weather is finally warm and the winds have stopped blowing. I worked in the yard this morning before heading to school to read the last book of the year. So many of the first graders wanted to sit by me at lunch that they got in trouble for sitting at the wrong table. I just stir up chaos!  Wish more adults would show up and eat lunch with these munchkins. 

It’s been a long day, and tomorrow I have no plans. I will just be at home, doing tasks I have put off for awhile. One would think, being retired, I could accomplish more, but no, I procrastinate. 

Back and front

This morning I enjoyed our shady backyard while doing some yard work. 

The GE repairman came but couldn’t find anything wrong with the washing machine. He ran it through a few cycles, and nothing leaked or showed signs of having ever leaked. He didn’t charge us. I love GE appliances and their servicemen. 

It is a delicious warm afternoon so I’ve moved out on the front porch while waiting for the mailman and just generally killing time. 

Spring time with the Zodys 

First of all, the weather has not been spring-like. 

But cold and rainy. 

Our small grandchildren had a great time staying with us during their spring break. 

While they had dinner one evening with the other grandparents, Terry and I went downtown to ArtHop, a once a month open house of various venues where local artists show and sell their wares. I met up with the artist who make lavender sachets that look like Frida Kahlo. I got two for the grandchildren and one for me. 

We also ate at a food truck where you can get jackfruit tacos. This is a jackfruit next to my purse. 

We ate carne asada this time, though. 

Although windy and cold on Palm Sunday, the sun was shining. 

I hosted the coffee fellowship. 

Terry stayed home on Sunday due to a bad cold. Can winter just be over!

A midweek update

Busy week here but it’s all fun and games. Well, most of it. 

I read this book to first graders:

I made an Easter basket to give to the school receptionist. She’s always helping me with small favors. 

I attended a breakfast where these disposable utensils were used. They cost less than the water and labor that would be used to wash them:

These are growing in my front yard:

A fourth grader had new shoes:

I learned that two of my wonderful first grade teachers whom I’ve known for three years are being moved to other grade levels. I am devastated as I like these ladies so much. Guess it’s not all fun.