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Tuesday brings sunshine

The shadow on the living room wall makes me happy. It may be chilly, but the sun is shining. 

If it’s Monday it must be raining

And it is:

Rainy days & thank you notes 

Another storm has blown in from the pacific bringing wind and rain. I’m staying home today, doing laundry, baking some brownies, and reading, while staying dry. Tomorrow will be soon enough to run errands in the rain. 

My two days at Columbia were filled to the brim this week. The first graders loved their book, Chrysanthemum. We practiced saying the word numerous times as it appeared often in the story as the name of the main character. Some of the kids just couldn’t make it come out correctly. 

I handed out dozens of stickers and puzzle pages to the older kids in the cafeteria and on the playground. The library was the recipient of a stack of picture books my grandchildren have outgrown. The principal even got a book, The Principal from theBlack  Lagoon. It will make some of her miscreants smile. There is a big need for smiles around that school. 

I met with the school psychologist and discussed a myriad of issues. She and I are on the same page. Now if we could just get the district to see things like we do. More staff. More space. Less yelling. Calmer cafeteria. 

As I was leaving the first grade wing yesterday, one of the teachers slipped this note to me. 

It made me cry. 

More around-the-house clothing

I threw away the disreputable pants that had frayed beyond any kind of help. The reason was because I broke down and bought some new lounge wear at a shop in an upscale shopping center here in town. 

I shop at the Whole Foods in this center on a weekly basis, but I rarely venture forth to the other shops. It is my favorite shopping center, but since I rarely shop any where, I just don’t wander in and out of the stores on any kind of regular basis. Monday I had a legitimate reason to spend time doing just that. 

Terry and I had lunch at Jack’s Urban Eats that day, using a gift card from the teachers at Columbia. Afterwards Terry had to go pick up his mother from her senior citizen’s center and deposit her at home. I contented myself with walking along the shopping center sidewalks while waiting for him to return.  This is an outdoor shopping center dating back to 1956. The shops have always been on the high end of fashionable. 

I stopped in one elite store I’ve been reading about for a couple of years. There I found a new bag for my chaplain days. The new one is on the left, the old one on the right. 

Next stop was Soma where I have previously bought my loungewear for around the house. I found a couple of items on the clearance rack. 

My policy is to get rid of the old when something new comes in so that’s the reason for discarding the frayed pants. I also need to toss an old shirt or jacket but haven’t figured which one looks the   worst. As for the old bag, I’m keeping it for the time-being as it’s still in good shape and can still be used on days I don’t have prizes and props to take to school. I wanted a bigger bag for those times I have lots to carry, like today. 

It was fun going in and out of stores but I did spend more money than is normal for me to do. 

Valentine treats

Here is the table for after-church fellowship. 

I guess it was a success. All the food was eaten and everyone sat and talked with one another. That’s what I had hoped for. 


It was rainy for part of the week, but we still got some yardwork done. 

I finally got the leaves cleaned up in the front yard. This was my audience:

I uncovered some tulip shoots:

I texted this photo to our former neighbor whose daughter sold the bulbs to me as a school fundraiser. She had been excited to see the tulips bloom last year. I invited them over to see the flowers this year. 

Terry started pruning the mulberry tree:

The geranium on the front porch is blooming:

Makes a bright spot for these gray days. One storm after another has rolled through with a few breaks for sunshine that lights up the family room:

So, there you have it. Rain, work, and a bit of sunshine. That’s been our week. 

As Christmas gets closer

This week I gave tours here

Read this book to first graders

Ate these school lunches

Now we head into the last week before Christmas. I have no idea how I can top this week. I plan to get some rest, though, next week.