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No comment

Once again, those of you with Blogger blogs are seeing few comments from me. I have typed so many comments, in so many blogs, recently, and they have all disappeared. Most pop up a comment that says I must write something before posting! Well, duh. I did. Then I told the boxes, again and again, that I was WordPress, then that I was dkzody, then that I was NOT a robot. Poof, gone.

Some of you are writing great posts, and I really have some good comments, but you aren’t seeing them. Keep writing. I’m out there. I just cannot comment.


I give up

If you have a Blogger blog, you may not hear much from me. I have tried on three separate blogs, all powered by Blogger, to leave comments. And on all three blogs, my comments just disappeared when I hit publish. In all three cases, the comments were long, so I didn’t attempt to write them again. If you haven’t already figured it out, I hate Blogger.

I need to add that I love reading your blogs, no matter what platform you choose. I just wish I could comment more often.