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No comment

Once again, those of you with Blogger blogs are seeing few comments from me. I have typed so many comments, in so many blogs, recently, and they have all disappeared. Most pop up a comment that says I must write something before posting! Well, duh. I did. Then I told the boxes, again and again, that I was WordPress, then that I was dkzody, then that I was NOT a robot. Poof, gone.

Some of you are writing great posts, and I really have some good comments, but you aren’t seeing them. Keep writing. I’m out there. I just cannot comment.


I give up

If you have a Blogger blog, you may not hear much from me. I have tried on three separate blogs, all powered by Blogger, to leave comments. And on all three blogs, my comments just disappeared when I hit publish. In all three cases, the comments were long, so I didn’t attempt to write them again. If you haven’t already figured it out, I hate Blogger.

I need to add that I love reading your blogs, no matter what platform you choose. I just wish I could comment more often.

Those Blogger bloggers

I see that those of you who use Blogger are back to making me type some obscure number to get my comments to post on your blog.

So far today, so good. But, alas, many times I write a response only to have it disappear when I type in those numbers (which, by the way, look like someone’s address). So, if you don’t see my comments, please don’t think it’s because I’m not reading and loving your post, I just can’t get past the numbers.

Writing great comments that no one ever gets to read

Again, I am so frustrated with Blogger. I sometimes wonder why I even go to those blogs. Today I have written three comments, all at Blogger blogs, to have them disappear. One claimed I wasn’t logged into WordPress, yet there was my blog heading right at the top of the screen. Another had some fatal error when I clicked on post and another had one of those crazy captchas that said I didn’t have the right combination of letters and numbers. There is no chance to go back and try again, the comment is GONE!

So, if you have a Blogger blog, and you don’t see any comment from me, it’s probably because it is  being deleted, not because I’m not writing a witty piece to your lovely post.

More about spam

Remember my rants about Blogger and how I have to be cryptographer to just make a comment on some of the blogs? And many bloggers responded saying that if they didn’t put those captchas on their blog that they would get all kinds of obnoxious spam. I would not like that so I felt some sympathy. Then I look at this report on WordPress that shows in August alone WordPress caught 1133 pieces of spam on this little blog. Thank you WordPress. That alone should make all of you Blogger people switch over.

A note to all of you Blogger people

For those of you who have a Blogger blog and require a commenter to type a bunch of nonsense letters, I can no longer comment on your blogs. For some reason, the Blogger comment box keeps coming up that I have typed the nonsense word incorrectly even though I have typed the jumble of letters just as requested. So, I am sorry that I cannot add a witty comment. I don’t understand why you have that nonsense word there anyway.

More than one dress

I have lots of clothes. Even though I have cleaned out closets and gotten rid of things I don’t wear, I still have lots of clothes. I like clothes. I like choice. So, although I don’t want spare supplies, toiletries, food, I do want spare clothes., but I no longer buy anything new unless I get rid of a similar piece. Just bought new tennis shoes, but tossed an older pair that I had for 10 years. Yep, I keep my clothes for a long time.

With that introduction, I have to tell you about a blog I just found. Kristy Powell, the author, is wearing one dress for one year in order to protest the ideas and motivations behind how and why we wears clothes. The blog is named, appropriately enough, One Dress Protest, Fasting from Fashion. She is 228 days, as of yesterday, into this experiment. I could not do it.

Nope, no way. Although I have a simplified wardrobe (the same knit top in every possible color is my basic piece), I like variety. Some days it’s skirts, some days pants. In the winter I have a variety of jackets and coats. And, of course, all those shoes.

But I’m planning to check in with this blogger and see how she does as the year heads into the last quarter. I’m adding her to my blog roll.

My basic top with a skirt.