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When the bugs bite

We have a plague here–bugs. Bugs of all kinds. Flying bugs, crawling bugs, invisible bugs. Ants, spiders, insects, of all sorts. They have taken refuge in my yard. Some of them bite.

There are tiny red spider mites in the backyard. So tiny that you do not see them with the naked eye unless you see a red dot moving on the page of the book you are reading. It’s like the period at the end of this sentence suddenly walks away. That’s how small they are. I remember, as a child, red spider mites would invade the cotton fields surrounding our house. My dad only knew it if he had a magnifying glass to check the cotton plant’s leaves. Then he sprayed a miticide on the cotton fields. All that poison is what eventually took his life.

The problem, though, for people, the red spider mite BITES. I’m terribly allergic to its bite. As is small granddaughter. The boys don’t seem to taste as good. Terry and Judah never get bit. Or they don’t suddenly have swollen red welts all over their body.

Leeya and I were both miserable this past week after an evening of playing in the yards. I took a cool shower and used lavender soap. Leeya took a bath with lavender soap. It calmed our skin but still left us itchy. Then I used tea tree oil on all the welts. That really calmed the itching. But, to make sure we slept through the night, we both took a dose of Benadryl. For the remainder of the week, we kept touching up the bites with tea tree oil.

Then on Sunday evening I walked through an ant hill and got more bites on my feet. Time for tea tree oil.


For what ails me

I finally got out in the backyard to do that pruning I wanted to do earlier in the week. The bug bites have calmed down and most are no longer visible. Not wanting to get any more, I used citronella oil on my top parts and OFF on my lower extremities. Terry claimed the OFF would work better, but I didn’t want that stuff near my face. The bugs stayed away so I’m guessing OFF and citronella are effective. Perhaps equally effective.

My sciatica has been acting up this week even though I continue to do the exercises that I started almost 10 years ago. I’m seldom in any kind of discomfort but earlier in the week I found I was in pain by the end of the day. What was I doing differently?

It was those bug bites! I had been lounging on the couch, with my body turned sideways, my legs and feet stretched out in front of me. Because the bites were so uncomfortable, I was not moving very much. Not a wise thing to do. The way I was sitting stretched my sciatic nerve in a most unpleasant way. By night time it was screaming.

Now I’m sitting on the couch, or a chair, as I’m supposed to, with my bottom on the seat and my feet on the floor. I also get up every few minutes to move around and do some of those household chores I’ve been neglecting.

Bug bites and sciatica. What a week. Citronella and more movement seem to be the cures for what ails me.

Sunday after the rain

There was quite the downpour here on Saturday morning. The backyard looked a bit like a pond for awhile with all the rain coming down from sky and downspouts. By afternoon, the sun was shining through the clouds and the water had all disappeared. We got .69 of an inch. Certainly not enough to end the drought, but enough to keep the sprinklers turned off for a few days and to settle the dust.

I actually drove across town yesterday in the pouring rain, something that is rare as of late. Driving in the rain has never been something I enjoy and since I’ve retired, and then with the drought, there has been little need to do so. The Good News Club organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship, was having its annual luncheon, a wrap-up for this current school year. Although this weekend seems to have so many activities crammed into, including the big Clovis Rodeo, the event still pulled in over 200 people. Tuesday will be the last Good News Club session for the year for my group. We will have a pizza party for the kids along with a review of the last six lessons. Many of our loyal attenders will be moving on to other schools next year.

The sun is shining brightly this Sunday morning and the yards still look well watered. I have a since of relief just knowing that the ground is damp. The air is clean, also, which may help with people’s allergies. We have all been sniffling and snuffling what with the dust, pollen, and bugs. Benadryl tablets and cream have been my companions this past week.

Terry and I were up very early as we are attending a six-week new members’ class at our new church. This morning’s class is meeting a bit earlier than usual as we will be combining with another class meeting on the church campus. Our teacher, the senior pastor, will be teaching the other class today as that teacher will be giving the sermon at a sister church in town. Sort of a musical chairs of pastors.