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Building resiliency

That’s what I’m supposed to be teaching the first graders–how to be resilient. I’ve had to take a dose of my own “medicine” the past two weeks as the school’s oven has gone kaput. Although the lunches are made off-site, they are kept warm in two large ovens that serve 600 lunches each day.

With no oven, the lunches have been cold food. Last week was corn chips and cheese, this week was ham sandwich yesterday and peanut butter and jelly sandwich today. None of which I care to eat so I’ve just helped the kids with their lunch packages and encouraged them to eat their veggies. I have started mingling with the kindergartners who have lunch a half hour before the first and second grades arrive. They too throw away the veggies so have started encouraging them. Today many of them showed me how they were eating carrots and celery sticks.

One of the first grade girls was excited to show off her new shoes and wanted me to take a picture. Instead of a lunch picture today, I posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook:



As I was driving home Thursday, and feeling really pretty crummy, I realized I had not eaten all day except for a piece of toast and cup of coffee for breakfast. It had been hard to make it through the classroom sessions today as I felt like I had so little energy. Well, no wonder! As I tell the students, you have to “fuel up” to do your best.

On Wednesday, while greeting the first graders as they lined up for lunch, one of the boys handed this to me:

kevin thank you

Sweet notes like this sure help me be more resilient! Oh, and a cup of tea and a muffin when I got home helped boost my spirits, too.