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Colder days don’t require fans

Today I gave in and admitted that summer is over. Yes, I know the calendar says we are officially in autumn with a little over five weeks until the official start of winter. Yes, I know that, but it’s hard for me to accept. I love long, sunny, warm days. I hang on to summer as long as possible, but today’s high is 65 degrees.

Those summer days are hot so we have fans throughout the house to help with keeping us cool. Today I admitted those fans aren’t needed for now and are just taking up space and collecting dust. Because I hate to dust, and try to have fewer things to dust, I knew it was time to move the fans out of the house. I took them to our storage unit and covered them with sheets until next spring when the daytime temperature gets over 80 degrees.

Another nod to colder temperatures–I cooked a chuck roast and plan to make beerocks in the next day or so. I haven’t made those since last winter, when my old Cuisinart died. The new food processor will be given a workout chopping onions and mincing roast beef. The oven will run for a couple of hours to get all the beerocks baked. That will keep the house warm.