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Plans go awry

I’m beginning to understand why people eat at chain restaurants. Those places have regular hours and you always know what you’re getting. Seems like the local, hole-in-the-wall places that I prefer, tend to do their own thing. Remember how we were planning to go out for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant,  a small locally owned, out of the way place? We got there to find they had changed their Saturday hours and no longer did lunch, but rather opened for dinner at 4:30. This was the second time we had tried to eat there on a Saturday. Three weeks ago, after that WordPress Meet-up, we drove across town for a late lunch/early dinner only to find they had closed at 2:30 and would reopen at 4:30. We figured today to be early enough for lunch at 11:45. Hah! Fooled again.

So, I am thinking that perhaps God is trying to tell me something what with this happening 2 times. Fortunately, there is a really good barbecue stand across the street from the Chinese restaurant, and he makes the best pulled pork sandwiches. Not really good for us, but tasty. We drove over, picked up the sandwiches, and came home to eat them as the only place the barbecue stand has for eating is outside, and it is still blustery here.

I’m guessing that I may have to find another Chinese restaurant. We eat out so seldom, and to have this happen twice, and to have driven all the way across town twice, I just don’t think I want to try again. Maybe Panda Express will have to do!

Time to celebrate

Today I shipped the last 8 pages of the yearbook. We are done, and it is time to celebrate. My yearbook class has been great this year. Not only have we not lost any production time, but the whole book got turned in a day before the final deadline set by the printer. They’ve done some pretty good layouts, too.

Not only do my students get graded for their deadlines, we celebrate in other ways too. It’s pretty much always with food, and this final deadline is no exception. I will order Chinese food for the class at my favorite Chinese restaurant, my wonderful husband will pick it up and deliver it to school one day next week, and we will feast and tell ourselves how great we are.

I am a big believer in celebrating accomplishments of all kinds. Because all of my students were in attendance for the CaHSEE, we will have a pizza party to reward them. Last year, when we got the CaHSEE scores back, and almost everyone of the kids passed, we took them out to breakfast at a small restaurant that had just opened across the street from the school. My students don’t get a lot of pats on the back, so I figure any time I can say, “job well done,” I will do so.