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Wrapping up Advent 

Sunday was the fourth, and last, Advent Sunday until next year. Terry and I were asked to light the fourth candle at church (plus relight the other three) after reading scripture and praying.

But before we did all that, I asked the worship coordinator to take a picture of Terry and me in front of the church’s Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!

The days start getting longer

Today we have one second more of daylight than yesterday, the shortest day of the year. Yes, one second.

It was very dark when we left the warm comfort of our bed at 5:30 this morning. Terry had an early physical therapy appointment and I had plans to get the grocery shopping for the week done before the crowds left the malls and descended on the grocery stores. Fortunately, I was home by 10 where I proceeded to make pies from the organic blackberries I purchased. Terry didn’t get home until after noon as he had some other errands after the physical therapist saw him.

This is how our little tree appeared at 6:30 this morning, reflecting its lights onto the sliding glass door and out into the still-dark night.


A little Christmas joy


Wanted to share some precious moments from this holiday season:

Leeya and her tree at Grandma and Papa's house


Papa and Baby Judah

While our granddaughter was visiting, we took her to see the decorated Christmas trees at our local airport. Many troops, returning from Iraq, stopped with their families and friends to pose in front of this tree:

Christmas lights have been put away

Christmas lights

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This picture was taken last week, actually the last night we had the tree up. I took everything down and put it in the big bins to go back to storage when we returned from San Francisco, which we now have.

I have been ultra lazy this morning, catching up on other blogs and doing a few loads of laundry. It is pure luxury to be so lazy.

You will notice a few new blogs over there on the blogroll. I found two ladies who have recently moved into apartments in New York City and are writing about it. It will be interesting to read about their adventures as we continue our own.

I am heading for the storage unit this afternoon to return the Christmas bins and a few other items that I don’t think I need around here. Tomorrow I am going to be brave and head to some big box stores. If I live to tell about it, I will return and write more.

Tree lighting ceremony

Tree lighting ceremony

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My school sits at the beginning of a very historical road, Christmas Tree Lane, in a very old part of the city. The school was started in 1889 and has been at the current site since 1923. For the past 18 Christmas seasons we have  kicked off the holidays with a tree-lighting ceremony.

The school band has shrunk in size so that this year the band director got many of the alumni band members to come back and perform. The sound of holiday music floating down the front steps of the school put us in a festive mood.

Inside the auditorium the orchestra played traditional music and the choir sung. Folklorico dancers and a routine from the cheerleaders preceded Santa’s arrival. The students and faculty bring their small children to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what they wish for Christmas. This year the principal joined the kids to ask for better test scores and more funding.

When everyone has taken their Santa photos, we all tramp outside, to the front of the school, where a large deodar cedar has been strung with lights. With Santa leading the count, we count down to 0 and the lights come on, making for a much brighter night. It’s not Rockefeller Center, but it’s pretty nice for our inner city high school.

Lights on, pictures taken, and candy canes dispersed, we all head our separate ways home, to begin the holiday season.