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Around the house

Ronni Bennett’s post earlier this week about old people’s household habits made me ponder. She wrote about not getting dressed on some days, about changing her sheets (or not), and on some days not leaving the house. The comments added to the list of things older folk are not doing. Will I reach a point where these things no longer matter to me? Has the time already come? How about you, dear Reader? What does your daily existence look like?

Because I have obligations that require me to leave the house five to six days a week, the days I don’t have to go somewhere are quite lazy. I don’t put on makeup and I dress in my “around the house” clothing. These are pieces of clothing I would not wear in public but am okay with for my quiet neighborhood. In the winter it’s usually knitwear of some kind and in the summer it’s shorts and shifts.

A few of my winter pieces are getting rather ratty looking. I made the comment to Terry the other day when I pulled on a pair of knit pants that are frayed at the waistband, “I hope I don’t need emergency care when I’m wearing these pants. The EMTs will think me crazy.” Another pair of pants that I only wear at home has a rip in the inner leg. I’ve tried mending it, but since it’s in the worn fabric, and not the seam, the tear reappears. The pants are probably 30 years old, but they are so comfortable for “around the house.”

As for bedding, Ronni writes much more than I ever could. Terry takes care of our sheets and blankets. He launders them and makes the bed. He recently told me we need new sheets so that’s on my list of things to buy at Target. That’s about as far as I go with bed linen responsibility.




About that uniform


Although I only wear this uniform twice a week, and I wear different shoes and coats depending on the weather, it gets pretty boring. Sure glad I don’t have to wear the same thing five days a week.

I don’t have to think about what to wear. Just put the shirt and pants on each of the two days and be sure to have the two pieces laundered by the next week. There are days, like today when it is very gray and overcast that I would like to wear something a bit brighter and cheerier. I’m wearing my burgundy shoes and will wear a cranberry colored jacket.

Have any of you worn the same outfit day in, day out, for weeks, months, years?

A service I could use

While reading through my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting tweet from a fella in the Bay Area about receiving a “trunk” of clothing to try. Seems that there is an online service, for MEN, that will put together a few outfits after chatting with you, and send them out, free of charge, to try out. You then pay for what you want. It keeps the MAN looking up-to-date with his clothes. I could use this service.

The clothing is sent in a “trunk:”

10617560113_d8e91b3f14_zThe outfits are all put together from the information you give your personal stylist. Everything, from shirts to pants to shoes, is in the box. In your size.

Since I hate to shop, I would love to have such a service for women. I can usually find one piece of clothing that fits me, if I’m very deliberate in my shopping. However, finding the additional pieces to go with it, and make it look really good…not so easy. Being short and wide makes it hard to find clothing that fits. I’m also not as adventuresome as I would like to be with clothing so I stick with classic. It would be nice to have someone do that for me and shake up my wardrobe.

I know there are personal shoppers at stores like Macys (which we have in Fresno and I do not like) and Nordstroms (no Fresno store but I love this company), but you have to actually show up in the store to get this service. The idea that someone would ship all those clothes to me, to try at my leisure, in my own home, is so appealing.


Hot time in the city

It was 80 degrees in San Francisco today. Tied a record for high temperature. It’s already November. Time for frosts, rains, and wind. There was wind today. A warm, tropical breeze that gently rustled the leaves on Market Street as I walked downtown.

I didn’t get as far as I had planned as it was too warm at 11 a.m. and I was hot and sweaty. For you see, dear Reader, my hot weather clothes are all hanging in the closet in Fresno, the place for high temperatures. Here in San Francisco I have sweaters and jackets and heavy trousers to keep the chill away as I walk those streets like Market. My collection of scarves hangs here, to wrap around my neck and shoulders on cold mornings and even chillier afternoons when the sun has dipped below the tops of the tall buildings and the sidewalks are all in shade. What do I wear on such a warm day?

Getting home just before lunch, I changed into my capri jeans and a light tshirt. Perfect for around the apartment, with the window open, blowing a warm, soft breeze in from the bay. The only person I had to look good for was the maintenance man who was scheduled to fix my dishwasher. The warm weather must have done the trick on it for by the time he showed up, the water was willing to pump into the machine.

Although it gets dark too early, one would think it was still summer. I hold off turning on the lights until I am sitting in complete dark. I leave the window open until the breeze gets chilly and I am getting too many cooking odors from all the restaurants that are below me. I am enjoying these lingering warm days, so reminiscent of summer.

Crazy clothes day

Today was the first day of Homecoming Week and the theme was crazy socks day.  I didn’t wear any crazy socks, but when I came home, exhausted after working for two hours on faculty photos for the yearbook and still not done, I put my shirt on inside-out.  It was only when my husband came in from mowing the lawn did he point it out.  Oh well, by then I had been that way for over a half hour.  Why change.  Maybe that can be a theme day next year–wear everything inside out.