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Deadline is today? Ok, now I’ll work.

Why do students only begin to work when the deadline arrives?  Yearbook had winter sports due today.  Cheer and wrestling got their pages done and I made the submission and burned the CDs.  That’s my part of the job–submission.  Soccer and basketball weren’t able to finish theirs until after I was ready to ship the other pages.  They got mad at me because  I wouldn’t hang around and work on their timetable.

Same thing happened in multimedia.  The students had a brochure PDF due to give me.  Many have been right on top of this assignment, giving me pages to print so they can see how they are doing and what color and font adjustments they need to make.  Others got around to working today and then couldn’t understand why they couldn’t find clip art to fit the pages. Then there are the students who never bring their flash drive to class and want me to give them more time.

Our principal always speaks at the Academy graduation and he will mention that fact that students learn from Mrs. Zody that a deadline is a deadline is a deadline.  Well, some of them learn that.


I see it differently from the students

Since today is a holiday, I didn’t record grades yesterday, on Sunday, like I normally do, but rather today.  My yearbook class has a weekly sheet to turn in that tells me what they have done all week.  It’s always interesting to see what they put down because I have been watching them all week and know what I’ve seen them do.  Their version does not always correspond to mine.  Today was one of those interesting versions.  

The yearbook class is behind with the pages submitted to the printer, and every day I remind the students that they have another deadline coming next week, and if they don’t get their pages turned in, it will affect their grade.  They tell me how hard they are working, but I see them chatting, working on other classwork, updating their FAFSAs, checking websites.   So, when they submit their weekly checksheet, I have to laugh at what they put down and what I’ve seen.  If their testimony was all correct, our yearbook would be ahead of schedule.

What I learned this semester

I learned a lot this fall semester because I had to.  I was a quick study of PhotoShop layers and my kids did some pretty good things with the little bit I knew and was able to pass on.  

I learned that my multimedia kids hate to take photos, but I don’t understand why.  I always gave them lots of leeway in the assignments, but they fought me each week on getting three pictures taken and uploaded.  You would have thought I was asking them to do calculus.  They enjoyed using the photos I uploaded for them, and many would not have done the assignments without my pictures.

I learned that the kids who did really well are the ones I’ve had before.  They are well trained and ready to get in and do the work.  The others, who don’t know me very well, would fool around, wasting time, and then want the deadlines to be extended.  Hah.  They also thought they could turn in crappy work, as long as they turned in something, and could pass the class.  They found out that I am a tough grader who expects good work.  My academy students would always try to make their work better, taking to heart each check point and the evaluations I would give them.  Maybe this next semester I will see better work from the newbies.

I learned that I must be unusual in that I don’t have a desk in my classrooms.  I sit and work where ever there is space and/or an open computer.  But reading another blog, I find that is a dream of others.  I have a wonderful office, however, where I can store my stuff.    

I learned that NOT teaching sophomores for the first time in 18 years was wonderful.  I had no idea how much time and energy I put into those kids until I didn’t have to do it.  My classes are filled with upper classmen which I really like, especially since two thirds of my students are from my previous sophomore classes where I worked so hard to get them trained.

I learned I can teach FrontPage, and the kids can do a good job with the little I give them.  I’m glad that was the last unit we did this semester and will use it as a starting point in January.  I’m sure there is still much to be learned, as that is what education is all about.

Time to celebrate

Today I shipped the last 8 pages of the yearbook. We are done, and it is time to celebrate. My yearbook class has been great this year. Not only have we not lost any production time, but the whole book got turned in a day before the final deadline set by the printer. They’ve done some pretty good layouts, too.

Not only do my students get graded for their deadlines, we celebrate in other ways too. It’s pretty much always with food, and this final deadline is no exception. I will order Chinese food for the class at my favorite Chinese restaurant, my wonderful husband will pick it up and deliver it to school one day next week, and we will feast and tell ourselves how great we are.

I am a big believer in celebrating accomplishments of all kinds. Because all of my students were in attendance for the CaHSEE, we will have a pizza party to reward them. Last year, when we got the CaHSEE scores back, and almost everyone of the kids passed, we took them out to breakfast at a small restaurant that had just opened across the street from the school. My students don’t get a lot of pats on the back, so I figure any time I can say, “job well done,” I will do so.

Mid winter and the deadlines are here; care to dance?

It’s the time of year when everything needs to be done.  Yearbook deadlines are looming and my students are not getting pages done as quickly as needed.  Registration for next year’s classes is right around the corner so I am hurrying to recruit new students for our program.  For two days now my partner in crime, uh, education, and I have done a song and dance to entice freshmen to sign up for classes they will take the next three years.  Receipts for taxes are arriving almost daily and I know I will soon have to put it all together for our wonderful tax accountant.  The Winter Formal is on Saturday.  Do I wear an old outfit or try to find something new?  With all I have to do, and the forecast for rain that night, I think I’ll pull an old outfit out of the closet and dance my way into the evening.