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My favorite time of the day

It’s early morning, just before sunrise, which is coming earlier now that we’ve turned the corner towards spring. Morning temperatures are no longer frosty, not with our balmy afternoon weather in the 70s. I’m no longer feeling the need to stay bundled up, underneath the covers, dreading to get out of bed and into a cold, dark house. Even though the thermostat is set to 70 degrees at 5:30, I have not had the desire to jump out of bed and start the day. This week feels different, though.

So, here I sit, on my yoga ball, with the room growing light, feeling terrific while I type this post. This is my favorite time of the day. My brain feels charged up, ready to think big thoughts and make big plans, ready to take on the day. My body is well rested, maybe a bit hungry, and it too is raring to get the day started.

I like to read my emails, check Facebook, go through the newspaper, and come over to my blogroll and go through that list of people whose writings give me pleasure. Between those readings, I get my cup of coffee with chocolate soy. I watch a bit of TV news that Terry has on in the kitchen. I do my exercises. I fix my breakfast which usually consists of toast or cereal. I wash my face, brush my teeth. If there is laundry to do, I even get a few loads done before it’s time to leave the house for other pursuits. That was my day yesterday.

Today, though, I have no where to go. No errands to run. It’s going to be a day at home which makes me very happy. The next six days will have lots of goings and comings and activities. The forecast, though, is for sunshine and warm temperatures. The sun will rise earlier and earlier. I too will rise, at my favorite time of the day, and take on these opportunities with a refreshed body and mind.


Morning walk

I was up and out early this morning since the forecast is for a temperature over 100 degrees. I won’t tell you any more because you would swoon at the temperatures we are to have in the next week or so. Thank God for air conditioning.

After Target, credit union, and storage unit, but before post office and Whole Foods, I stopped at this neat little track to take a walk. Whoever built some very fancy office buildings, with river bluff views, was kind enough to provide public access to this area behind the last building. There are some great views of the San Joaquin River along this track, as well as some nice landscaping. This little guy came hopping by as he too was out for an early morning constitutional and probably breakfast:


The snow melt is in full force right now and all the rivers in the San Joaquin Valley are running high and fast. Most of them have been made off-limits for the next few days. Kind of hard to take since it is the 4th of July weekend and it is hot and lots of people like to cool off at the river. I can tell the San Joaquin River is high, but this is as close as I will be getting to the water’s edge. I am not a water person.

A river runs through it


After my walk, I finished up the rest of my errands and came home with a lot of summer fruit to add to my already full fruit bowl of peaches of nectarines. Here is just a part of the bounty:

The hot temperatures produce this good fruit.

Parallel universes on a Sunday morning

This morning is a Fresno Sunday.  The alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and it is still so dark.  The local paper is on our driveway.  It is a small, puny shadow of its former self that has seen better days.  I can read the whole thing in less than an hour as I munch on my cold cereal.  I have cancelled the San Francisco Chronicle subscription due to the high cost and the hope we would be in San Francisco most Sunday mornings, but this morning I want the Chronicle so I gather up $2 in quarters, put on my glasses, get my keys and drive a half mile, in the cold, to find a paper dispenser.

Fortunately, there is a dispenser outside the corner liquor store, only a half mile from home, but it takes $3 to extract the paper.  I fumble around in my wallet, which I brought along because it has my driver’s license, and find 2 quarters and 3 dimes.  Ok, that’s $3.05, but it makes the dispenser work.  I get the last paper.  It’s only 7 a.m.

I get back home, about 6 minutes after leaving, with just the newspaper.  My husband has made coffee and cooked bacon.  I settle in to read my paper in the comfort of my suburban house.

Now, if I had been in San Francisco, I would have gotten up whenever I felt like it, usually around 6:30, as the light comes over the Bay Bridge and into the apartment.  After dressing and making myself presentable, I would grab my keys with my Starbucks rewards card, ride down the elevator, cross the street, and in a warm, well-lit Starbucks, pick up the Chronicle AND get apple fritters or some other pastry.  Back across the street and up the elevator where Terry has coffee ready.  Less than 5 minutes.

In Fresno I have to hand wash the breakfast dishes because our BRAND NEW GE dishwasher is still waiting for the repairman.  In San Francisco I can load all the dishes into the dishwasher, which although an older model, works just fine.