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A remake

Do blogs have remakes? You know, like old movies made again? If so, this post is a remake. I posted these words four years ago, as another year was about to get started, and they resonate with me again this year.

Maybe I set my expectations too high.

I expect people to show up when they say they will, do the hard work that is necessary, and be kind to those around them.

I expect stores to be open, well stocked, and offer great customer service.

I expect roadways to be well paved, without obstructions, and to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

I expect cities and municipalities to honestly take care of their citizens with the money paid to them to do so.

I expect neighbors to take care of their property, be friendly and available, if necessary, to help other neighbors.

I expect my church to offer a place of refuge and comfort to sin-sick souls and to teach the word of God to all who enter.

I’m sure I have other expectations, but those are the ones on my heart and mind this morning after reading a post that said I should raise my expectations. I think mine are pretty high, as is. These are also the expectations I have of myself.

These are still my expectations, except the roadways. After a year of constant detours and roadwork, I expect roads to be closed and traffic to come to a standstill. Have your expectations changed over the past few years?