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Stay away from those negative Nancies (or Nathans)

Sometimes we just feel like whining, don’t we? Things don’t go our way and it seems that the world is crashing down around us. Even I, though I try to stay focused on the positive and wait for God to work, get down in the dumps and feel sorry for myself every now and then. Like with the air conditioning affair. But, moving on…

There should be a 24-hour rule for all of us. Whether we experience victory  and want to celebrate or we are defeated and feel the loss, we should only focus on it for 24 hours. Then move on. If we focus on the loss, it keeps getting worse. There are some people who just keep rehashing the failure or the bad stuff.

We can all be compassionate and offer sympathy, up to a point. When the sympathetic ear takes too much energy, or zaps our joy, then it may be time to move on. There is a cost to being around negative people. Especially if they are always negative and only want to tell you about their problems and issues.

As I get older, I’m finding that I want to spend my time with people I enjoy. I want to be around people who may have problems, but they are also seeking solutions. Seeking solutions and following through to solve their problems. Not keep harping on them.

What’s your passion?

Just read this list of ways to figure out your passion in life. I am going to give you my answers, in italics.

What puts a smile on your face?
Following what makes you truly happy is a wonderful way to figuring out what you were put on Earth for. Think about something that you do or that perhaps you used to do that brings you total happiness!

I love to talk to people, to meet new people, to ask them about themselves, to learn about people. It makes me smile when I can help someone solve a problem they are having.

What do you find easy?
What we find easy for us to do, will be related to what we are passionate about. It’s very hard to hate something that is very easy for us!

It’s easy for me to talk to people. It’s easy for me to get up in front of a large group and talk.  It’s easy for me to strategize. It’s easy for me to multitask. 

What sparks your creativity?
Think about something in your life where you seem to always expand its horizon, always coming up with new, fun, and exciting ideas relating to that subject. Whatever makes you creative is something that you are passionate about.

Taking photos from different angles. Taking photos of things many people would pass by. Using my photos with my stories. Talking to people and hearing their stories.

What would you do for free?
Think about something that you would just love to do, even if you were not getting paid. Think about something that you look forward to do, something that you wish you could do all the time.

I love to write, tell stories, take photos, meet new people. I enjoy walking the streets of a big city, a small town, looking for the quirky. Working right now on a book layout of pictures and stories, for free. 

What do you like to talk about?
Most of the time, we aren’t aware of this. A good way to figure this out properly, is to ask your friends. Ask them what they believe you like to talk about the most, what topic makes your eyes brighten up, and changes your entire behaviour.

I love to talk about my grandchildren (which probably drives people crazy). I like to ask people about their lives and what they are doing. I enjoy discussing good books and how the stories relate to our lives.

What makes you unafraid of failure?
When you do what you are passionate about, you have total confidence in your abilities. This makes you not worry about failing, because in your mind, how can you fail when you do what you love?

Failure is always in the back of my mind. This one I have trouble with. I guess the best area I’m not too worried about failing in is taking photos. I can always delete the ones I don’t like.

What would you regret not having tried?
If you were at the end of your life, what would you regret not having pursued? What would you have liked to do, that you didn’t get a chance to?

Here I feel so fortunate. I always wanted a studio apartment in San Francisco, overlooking a street. For 15 months I got to do that. I would go back in a heartbeat. I also get to spend time with my grandchildren which gives me great joy. I would be sad to know I lived without getting that opportunity. I am truly thankful that I was able to retire at such a young age and enjoy doing things on my own time.

And since I love adding some pictures to my posts, here are some of my SF neighborhood:

Leaving the school but not the profession

I found this great blog about a teacher in San Jose, a Teach for America member, who has had it with her public school.  She is not leaving teaching after two years, as many Teach for America alums do, but rather shifting gears to a different sort of school.  

Bravo, Miss Bennett.  This quote says so much, and I know just how she feels:

I’m not willing to spend the next 10 years of my life killing myself fighting mediocrity. Every day, I know I make an impact in my own classroom, but beyond that door, I see nothing change. 

I was successful in school and when I worked in industry.  I didn’t have to read or hear each day, in the news, what a failure I was at what I did like I do now with education.  Everything that is wrong with schools is blamed on the teacher.

Kitchen Disaster

I can usually step into the kitchen, and often without a recipe, whip up a dish without too much trouble.  Yesterday, getting home before 3:30, which is very rare, I decided to make a batch of cupcakes with a Halloween theme.  I had a chocolate cake mix, a can of frosting, and an assortment of Halloween decorations.  

The first disaster should have told me to stop right there.  I put the butter, eggs, and water into my food processor, just like I always do, but this time when I turned it on, the mixture flew all over the kitchen.  The lid of the food processor just didn’t want to seal correctly.  I finally got the cake batter mixed up, cleaned up my horrible mess, and divided the batter between the pans, one of which I had gone next door to borrow since I have only two small cupcake pans.  

After cooling the cakes, I pulled out the can of frosting and stirred it up.  The consistency seemed wrong for the type of frosting (fluffy) but I figured I was just being overly critical.  It spread just fine on 18 of the cupcakes and looked very pretty.  Then I licked the knife I had been using.  YUCK.  The frosting had soured and upon checking the use-by-date, found it was way out of date.  I had to dump 18 cupcakes.

I was so disgusted with this huge failure after all the work I had done.  This rarely happens with anything that I cook.  Plus, it looks like the mixing bowl of my Cuisinart needs to be replaced so that’s another task I will have to take on soon as I use my food processor a lot.