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Deadline is today? Ok, now I’ll work.

Why do students only begin to work when the deadline arrives?  Yearbook had winter sports due today.  Cheer and wrestling got their pages done and I made the submission and burned the CDs.  That’s my part of the job–submission.  Soccer and basketball weren’t able to finish theirs until after I was ready to ship the other pages.  They got mad at me because  I wouldn’t hang around and work on their timetable.

Same thing happened in multimedia.  The students had a brochure PDF due to give me.  Many have been right on top of this assignment, giving me pages to print so they can see how they are doing and what color and font adjustments they need to make.  Others got around to working today and then couldn’t understand why they couldn’t find clip art to fit the pages. Then there are the students who never bring their flash drive to class and want me to give them more time.

Our principal always speaks at the Academy graduation and he will mention that fact that students learn from Mrs. Zody that a deadline is a deadline is a deadline.  Well, some of them learn that.

In a flash

I’ve been using computers for so long that I can remember when we used 5 1/2 inch floppies to store our files.  My first teaching assignment at a middle school required those.  Then we went to 3 1/4 inch floppies, then zip disks, and now, we have flash drives.  Or USB drives.  Or thumb drives.  Whatever you call them.  They are tiny and they can store big amounts.  Here is my supply at home:

They sit in a bowl, on my desk, next to my laptop.  The bowl is also home to some PEZ dispensers but I took those out so you can more clearly see the flash drives.  I use these all the time to take work back and forth to school.  There is usually one sitting in my purse or tote bag.  I have another collection like this at school.  Because I do so much with photos, I need different drives for different projects.

I am requiring my students to have ONE flash drive this year.  Actually, I think most teachers want the kids to have them because of all the places they can go on campus to work on computers.  Plus, the new laptops that have been acquired have no other way to store files but through USB connections.  You would think I have asked the kids to buy a Cadillac.  Target, Office Max, they all have these gadgets on sale right now, some as low at 8.99.  I will even sell some I picked up over the summer to the kids for $12.   I know times are tough, but is it really that bad out there that kids with iPods, cell phones, designer clothes, cable TV at home, can’t afford a flash drive?