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The fainting chaplain

For the past six months or so, my blood pressure has been very high. When I saw our new doctor, she was very concerned and prescribed a blood pressure medicine. I explained to her that I don’t do well with meds, but she wanted to control those high numbers.

I returned a couple of weeks later, and the blood pressure numbers were still astronomical. She doubled the dose, but in one week, I was still pushing the boundaries. Since I had taken a diuretic for many years, with excellent results, she decided to try that along with the blood pressure medicine. Not wanting to have a stroke, I went along with the prescription. However, the reason I was no longer taking the diuretic was because I had developed high uric acid levels resulting in gout.

Because I would be seeing her for a physical later in February, she said to give the meds a chance. On Thursday, during my first class at Columbia, I fainted. I had been standing for a bit over an hour, on the playground and then in the classroom, and feeling dizzy, sat down. While still talking with the children, I passed out.

The teacher handled it so well. She rushed to my side and kept me from falling out of the chair all the while getting the kids back to their seats and calling the nurse. As I came to, the nurse was coming in the door, with an ice pack. She had already called for an ambulance. Those people didn’t mess around!

It was decided I didn’t need an ambulance, but the nurse could not get a pulse. I told her about the doubled-up medication.

“Looks like it lowered your blood pressure, alright.”

Finally she found a pulse, and by then I was feeling better. I finished up with the students, who had been as good as gold so they got a prize for filling their star chart. I went on to the next class, where I warned the teacher about what had happened earlier. She kept a close eye on me, but I didn’t faint again.

I contacted my doctor when I got home and she called me, concerned about what happened. She decided I could back off of the double dose of blood pressure meds but continue the diuretic. I’ll be interested to see what my blood pressure will be when I finally get back to her office in a couple of weeks.