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A reminder as to why I no longer teach high school

A few people still ask if I miss teaching. No, I do not, and I am seriously reminded what I don’t miss when I read blog posts like this one from Ricochet who is still teaching high school math.


There is a reason

…I have the students I have.

There is a student, a senior girl, in my computer skills class, whom I have never had before this year.  She is a nice, polite girl who does very good work on the computer.  She is diligent and follows through on all the assignments.  The other day, while checking the grades for all my students in all classes, I found that this young lady has two very low grades in classes she needs to graduate.

I questioned her about this, “Eva, why do you have these low grades?  You are way too smart for these grades?”

“Really, you think so?”

“Of course.  You do such good work in here.  You are very smart and should have better grades.”

“No one ever told me that before.”


For 17 years I taught only in the Marketing Academy and I encouraged all of my students.  Sometimes they thought I encouraged them too much!  I just assumed that all the other students out there in the school were getting that same attention.  Maybe not.

A few months later

Eva is really Maria who named me as a teacher who has influenced her.  Read about it here.

I see it differently from the students

Since today is a holiday, I didn’t record grades yesterday, on Sunday, like I normally do, but rather today.  My yearbook class has a weekly sheet to turn in that tells me what they have done all week.  It’s always interesting to see what they put down because I have been watching them all week and know what I’ve seen them do.  Their version does not always correspond to mine.  Today was one of those interesting versions.  

The yearbook class is behind with the pages submitted to the printer, and every day I remind the students that they have another deadline coming next week, and if they don’t get their pages turned in, it will affect their grade.  They tell me how hard they are working, but I see them chatting, working on other classwork, updating their FAFSAs, checking websites.   So, when they submit their weekly checksheet, I have to laugh at what they put down and what I’ve seen.  If their testimony was all correct, our yearbook would be ahead of schedule.