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Mmmm, cake

I’ve never been a good cake baker, and now without my cuisinart (No, I’ve not bought a new one yet), I am not even attempting cakes. Pies, yes. Plan to make an apple pie later today. But this morning, I wanted cake.

Sometimes I buy a small square of cake, one for me and one for Terry, when I go to Sprouts. I ran in there today to get more probiotics to keep us healthy, but didn’t take the time to get cake. I had other stops to make.

At my last stop, which was Whole Foods, I looked at their cakes and decided on a divine lemon cake with lemon frosting. It’s made in San Francisco and shipped here, but it is quite good. A piece of cake and a cup of tea is just the ticket to get me back in the groove for more chores.

One chore for the weekend is to make a beef/cabbage soup for the Lenten soup lunch on Sunday. I bought a chuck roast at Whole Foods which I will first cook in red wine and onion soup and then shred it back into the liquid adding carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes to the mix along with brown sugar, paprika, garlic salt, and cinnamon.

But for right now, the laundry, as usual, is calling.


It’s about time

This is the weekend we change the time, losing an hour so we can get up in the dark and stay up later in daylight. I don’t get it. I want my daylight in the morning hours, not late in the evening when I’m tired and want to go to bed. So, since I live in a state that honors Daylight Savings Time (DST), I change my clocks to go along with everyone else. But I do it MY way.

I change the clocks early on Saturday morning, whether for DST in the spring or Standard Time in the fall. Saturday is a better day for me to fiddle with time, and by Monday morning I’m pretty well adjusted to the new time. When teaching I had to be fully functional on Monday morning when I greeted groggy students.

Saturday works well for me to fiddle with the time now that I’m retired because I don’t usually leave the house on that day, unlike when I worked and had to get all my errands run on the weekend. Yesterday I prepped the soup I would take to church for Lent Soup Lunch after our worship service. I also got to bed on the new time so that I was ready to get up this morning. Well, fairly able, since I had slept my usual 9 hours.

On Monday I will go grocery shopping and run some other errands while everyone else goes back to work. When I worked, and only had the weekends to shop, I would find it annoying that the little old ladies who had all week to shop were in the store, blocking an aisle, on a Saturday. I always thought:  when I retire, I will not be in the stores on weekends when working people need the time and space to shop. I’ve kept the resolution. Actually, I prefer to shop on the slowest day of the week, Tuesday, but I have an obligation this week, so Monday will be it. I can go on my own time, after the darkness burns off of the morning.

Do I look like I need help or is customer service just gotten better?

It’s been awhile since I shopped at Whole Foods so I had a full basket when I finished perusing all the aisles and headed for the checkout counter. Just as I started to unload my bounty onto the conveyor, a young man ran around the counter and said he could help me do that. I thanked him but told him it was good exercise for me to lift and heft all those items. He chuckled and we both unloaded the basket.

He then proceeded to bag the groceries as they came off the scanner. The clerk and I had a discussion about overloading bags. I told them that I didn’t mind heavy bags, again more exercise for me. The bagger said he would load them up for me, then, since I wanted the exercise. Guess I didn’t need his help taking my bags to the car? Thanks, but no, I can handle this.

After getting all the bags into the car, I was just about to turn around and take the basket back to the store (again more exercise), when another young clerk came by and said she would gladly take in my cart. Such good service, but it makes me wonder. Do I look like I need help?

If we’re going to eat…

…someone has to go grocery shopping. In this household that is pretty much my job. Get the food, unload the food, cook the food. Terry does the cleanup. But first, let’s talk about ‘getting’ the food.

Thinking about this all came about due to that last post about my CSA box and the changes being made there. We pretty much eat only organic produce and the CSA box is the best source for that. Whole Foods is the next best place, and I go to our local Whole Foods about once a week. Sometimes twice. During the summer months I will hit up the farmer’s markets and some local growers. Last week The Ladies Who Lunch took a short trip south to a blueberry farm. I bought a crate of blueberries, most of which went into the freezer.

My favorite farmer’s market is in downtown Fresno on Wednesday mornings. Right now, until June, I am busy on Wednesday mornings with Bible study and school chaplain duties. I’m hoping that the apricot grower will still have some fruit by the time I get there next month. But I digress. Back to grocery shopping.

After Whole Foods, Target is a great place to get staples, but not produce as theirs is not locally grown. I like Target for the staples because I can use my Red Card and there are often special deals on Cart Wheel so I save quite a bit of money, especially on Terry’s cereals.

A close second to Whole Foods for the organic stuff, and also for supplements, is Sprouts. I have to drive a bit further, but Sprouts carries some products that Whole Foods does not, and often the prices are lower.

Last but not least is a locally owned grocer, Save Mart. This chain has stores all over Fresno, each one a bit different, but they offer some things that I cannot get at the other places. Like individual rolls of Viva paper towels. And Guerrero brand tortillas. Baker’s sugar in a box. Large boxes of Bisquick. Frozen bread dough. Cheap cabernet sauvignon wine. Odds and ends which I don’t buy all that often.

Tonight for dinner we are having beef and noodles with a side dish of almond green beans. The noodles and red wine came from Save Mart. The beef came from Whole Foods as did the almonds and butter. The green beans came in the CSA box. Terry may have ice cream for dessert that I bought on sale at Target.

So, there you have it. Dinner is served.

Don’t be too smug

While grocery shopping today at my non-organic store, I saw some dinner rolls that I absolutely love. They are indeed a guilty pleasure as they have no nutritional value. Just soft white bread yumminess, especially with a pat of butter melted on them. I only buy a package every few years as I am the only one to eat them, and as I said, they are not  good for me.

Because the rolls are very soft, and not packaged very well, I gingerly placed them in my basket, and as I continued my shopping, I made sure that no other products were placed on top of them or pushed up next to them. When I got to the checkout clerk, I was careful to put the package of rolls at the very end of the conveyor belt so they didn’t get squished by other groceries as they traversed that line.

Somewhere along this point I lost sight of the rolls or lost my concentration as I was producing my rewards card and then paying for the groceries. Right behind me was a lady wanting to buy cigarettes. The clerk informed her that they hadn’t been getting the particular brand she was requesting. My immediate thought: “maybe if they don’t carry your brand it’s a message to you to quit smoking.” My smug thought, though, did not cross my lips. The bag boy was ready to take my groceries to the car.

In getting home, and unloading the groceries, I found that package of rolls, at the bottom of the bag, rather squished, and one roll had been damaged. I could hear God saying, “maybe you shouldn’t be eating these.”

Be careful about those smug thoughts. We all have our bad habits.

Just an ordinary Friday with no where to go

I just must report, dear Reader, that I went NO WHERE today. Kept my warm knits on all day. Not quite of the sweatshirt variety, a little nicer, but still warm and comfy. I’m not embarrassed to wear them out to the mailbox, but I won’t go to the grocery store wearing them. I washed my hair but didn’t put on any makeup. Again, no one to see me when I go to collect the mail.

So? What did I do all day? Not much. One load of laundry. Scanned a photo and used it to finish a scrapbook. Designed PowerPoint slides. Made a pasta sauce for a dish I put together later in  the day for dinner. Roasted beets from the CSA box, again for dinner. Did some research on how to make sandwiches for a party on Monday. Had planned to pick them up at a local restaurant, but realized I could make the sandwiches just as easily myself. More Christmas card writing. Then, for a couple of hours this afternoon, I read a new Ann Rule book.

What a pleasurable day. My friend’s house has been emptied and all paperwork, along with keys, have been delivered to the attorney who will sell the house. It was cold and foggy today so I was glad I didn’t have to work in a near empty chilly house, but rather in my warm, cozy home. Tomorrow I will grocery shop for next week when our wonderful granddaughter will be spending a few days with us, and even though I will have to put on my makeup and get dressed, it will be fun to go out and see what good things I can find for us to eat. If the sun comes out and the temperature gets above 50, I may work on raking leaves in the backyard.

Here’s that pasta dish: 

January 18-The simple things

How come we forget about those simple things in life that bring us so much pleasure? Like a hotdog?

My lunch

On our way to Fresno last Sunday, just as we pulled off 101 in Gilroy to connect with 152, I smelled hotdogs. Made me realize how long it had been since I had a hotdog. I love hotdogs, but I never think to buy wieners and buns when I’m grocery shopping.

Today I made a point of getting those items when I went to the store for dinner fixings for the next three days while we are in Fresno. The refrigerator and cupboards had gotten quite bare while I was away for two weeks. But I did have mustard and pickle relish so I was all set for hotdogs. Terry likes his with ketchup, too, and there is a bottle of that in the cupboard, so I think we are set for lunch for the next few days.

There is a hotdog place at Stanford Shopping Center that grills sauerkraut for their hotdogs. I like that, but I have no sauerkraut in the house. Maybe I can remember that on the next shopping trip. Or, better yet, we can just stop at Stanford on our way back to San Francisco.