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Let’s talk medical stuff

Last week’s variety of medical appointments and conversations with doctors has gotten me to thinking. In none of these appointments was I there for any medical problem.

My dentist saw me when I had my cleaning and made a routine check of my mouth and gums. We chatted about Thanksgiving and the fact that I had a vegan meal. Although we both like turkey and eat some meat. we both see value in eating a plant-based diet for better health. The dentist mentioned that he sees less inflamed gums in people who eat a plant-based diet. Then he said my gums were very healthy and keep doing what I was doing. In other words, I was not there in a crisis mode, and he saw me at a healthy point in time.

My internist saw me for a yearly checkup. We chatted about all sorts of things, including my diet, but more about what I’m doing in life and what I still want to accomplish. She is tuned in to what my body is doing and that I want to live to be very old.  She sees it as a good possibility. Again, she saw me at a healthy point in time.

Since it had been five years since my last eye exam, and I felt that my vision may have changed a bit, I had an appointment with my optometrist whom I have known for a few decades and who is the same age as me. He points this out each time I see him. He has cut back his hours to three days a week and, unlike my internist, still takes new patients, but no longer wants to work as hard as he did when younger. His health is excellent so we compared notes as to what each of us was doing to maintain our health. One of his diagnostic tools is photo of the inside of the eyeball. From that picture he can diagnose diabetes at its earliest form, high cholesterol, and the beginnings of macular degeneration. My tissue and blood vessels are all healthy and “pretty,” meaning no hardening of arteries, no signs of inflammation. Our conversation was devoted to how to maintain that state.

All of this has lead me to believe (or to remind me of what I already believe) that it’s good to see medical professionals when you are well so that they know you in that state, not just when you are sick and miserable. Life is meant to be lived in good health, not illness. Your doctor should know what your good health looks like and what your plans for the future are so (s)he can keep you there or bring you back to that state so you can have that future.


Praying & Juicing

My daughter has had her juicer for about a year, and she loves using it. Often, when we are there, she will make juice with whatever happens to be in the fridge. These are the juices she made on Monday:



Apple, carrot, spinach, and purple cabbage. We tried different combinations and found that it didn’t take a whole lot of the spinach. By itself, the spinach was very earthy and “green.” It all tasted good, though, and it got me to thinking that this would be a good way to eat a wider variety of vegetables.

After we got home, I did some research and found a model made by the same company that made Jen’s. It got high marks and sounded easy enough to use and it was reasonably priced. I had been leery of buying a juicer, thinking they cost hundreds of dollars. Jen paid $100 for hers and the model I was looking at was under $200. I did a check for where to buy locally, and the website showed that  Bed Bath & Beyond had one in stock.

As an aside, I do not like shopping at big box stores. They terrify me. I cannot find what I want. I cannot get help. Nothing about the process is easy. So, it was with trepidation I made the trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. I prayed about this before I went, asking God to guide me in my decision to buy a juicer. Was it the right thing to do? Was I just buying another gadget? Would it be a waste of money? Here was the deal: if I walked into the store and immediately found the juicer, with no trouble, then I knew it was the thing to do. If it was not just sitting there, then I would leave and figure this was not to be.

I went early in the morning, arriving at the store at 9:50. A sweet clerk immediately greeted me and asked what I needed. I told her about the juicer, that it was Breville, and that the website said they had one in stock. She took me a few steps to the juicer area, but she didn’t recognize the name. We walked around the display, and there it sat, right in front of us. I got out my phone to check the picture I had downloaded to Pinterest, and it was the right model. She asked if I needed a basket, but I said no, telling her my story about praying about this before coming in, and that this was all I was buying. She laughed, and said it must be the right purchase. I took it to the checkout counter, went right through, and was in my car, taking this picture at 9:58:



And, this is the glass of cranberry, apple, and fennel juice that I made this afternoon: IMG_2730