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That melted puddle would be me

Okay, not really. We have managed to stay comfortable in our home. But opening the front door is like opening an oven door. It is a blast of hot air. I am so thankful for our home, for retirement so I don’t have to go out, for refrigerators and dishwashers to keep food cold and do the the cleanup afterwards.

I haven’t cooked for days. We’ve been eating cold food except for refried beans Terry heated in the microwave for his tostada for Tuesday’s dinner. I made a big salad and ate it with the last tortilla shell. I fried those shells over a week ago, before the heat wave melted us.

We were fortunate on Tuesday to not lose power as some in the city did. There are schools whose air conditioning is not working and they sent children home by noon. I’ll see how Columbia is faring as I will be there this afternoon. Driving across town, mid-afternoon, will not be joyful, but my car’s air conditioning works very well.

Every morning I water the yards to provide cool spots for the critters to lie. On Tuesday a squirrel had splatted out over a sprinkler head in late afternoon as it hit 114 degrees. The cats mainly stay in the backyard, on damp ground underneath trees and large shrubs. One of the cats was indoors much of the day, but demanded to go outside so about 5 pm I let her. She was quite happy to lie in the shade.


The last day of August

Tomorrow, September 1, at sunrise, is the beginning of dove season so this was my last quiet morning under the trees for something like 10 or so days. The gunshots will reverberate from the riverbank up the ridge and across the roads to sound in my backyard. It makes me sad, cranky, and angry. Who shoots doves?

Moving on…if I ponder sad stuff for too long I get caught in a quagmire and my emotions just go downhill.

We are heading into a very serious hot spell. There is a high dome of high pressure sitting on the whole west end of the United States, from the Washington/Canada border to the southwest states. The coastal areas will be cooler than inland (where I live), but still warmer than usual. We are told to expect to break records, it will be that hot. I am busy watering the yards so as to keep cool spaces for the cats. Some of them will come inside and flop on the cool linoleum floors, but some stubbornly remain outside, finding shade and wet ground.

My story of the small boy bringing his lunch when he came to see Jesus went over well with children and adults alike. Sharing what we can with those who didn’t think ahead or got stuck in a place that didn’t turn out well. If we give our best to God, He will multiply it. The children enjoyed the peach jam I brought to share as well as taking the stick puppet I had made of the small boy with his lunch basket. My goal is to make children feel good when they come to church and hear stories from the Bible. Those memories are what will carry over into adulthood.

Speaking of stories with small children, I will be back at Columbia next week. I am going out to the school later today to put September’s story schedule in the teacher’s boxes. It’s the end of August and time to get back into the regularly scheduled program.

Purpose driven day

Another day when I was awake at 6 am, ready to get the day started. I had a list of chores as well as errands. I also had a distinct purpose for the day–to buy a new dishwasher.

For those of you who live in the States and watch national news, you may have seen Fresno featured in the reports on weather. We are HOT. There is no end in sight. Days and days over 100 degrees with the nights cooling to 70 degrees. As I type this at 7 am it is 78 indoors and 71 outdoors. The kitties are all outside, frisking and running and climbing. Soon, though, they will all be collapsed around the yard in the cool spots where I’ve run the sprinklers.

Because of the heat, I knew I wanted to get all the errands done early on Tuesday. Terry had an early morning dentist appointment. We would then reconvene at home and go together, across town, to another city but still in the same region, to see if we could buy a dishwasher. The plumbers had come on Monday to look for a leak somewhere in the house. Terry thought it might be in the main pipe that runs from the street, through the yard, under the house, and out to back spigot. Everything that needs water comes off that main pipe.

The plumbers had to go under the house to figure it out. That meant the office closet had to be cleared out to allow access to under the floor. It’s always good to have this happen, not for the reason we need help, but for the reason to clean out the closet and rearrange things. I found that one of the cats has been sleeping on a quilt in there so it got pulled out and washed. Wrapping paper was discarded. Art supplies regrouped and some also discarded.

The fellows came, they looked, they declared our pipes to be in excellent condition and the dishwasher to be leaking. Nothing for them to do, buying a new dishwasher for us to do. We have some friends who waited six months to get a new dishwasher during the pandemic supply chain issues. I wasn’t real excited about the purchase. I was also thinking we might be without a dishwasher for a very long time which would just make me very irritable.

We went to our favorite General Electric distributor and not only did they have a WHITE dishwasher, it was in stock, and although not the fanciest with all the bells and whistles, it was a step up from the very basic. New technology, new design since we purchased the old one in 2009. The installer can put it in on Friday, noon.

We were done with chores, errands, purchase and back home just past noon. That’s what I call a FOCUSED purpose-driven day.

Dressing for the hot weather

We’ve had weeks of hot weather this summer. I remember writing a post at the very beginning, when the weather had just turned warm, about the outfits I had worn to stay cool. Someone replied that they would have liked to see photos of those outfits. Too late for that day, but my plan had been to take pictures along the way so as to share with you, but it slipped my melting brain as the days grew hotter. 

Yesterday, I remembered. Here is the outfit I wore to church:

I changed into this sheath when I got home. I have three of these dresses that I’ve worn for 15 years now. They are beginning to show their age. :

Today the temperature will stay under 100–only 97 degrees. I’m going to lunch with a friend and am wearing this:

Just trying to stay cool. 

Record-breaking heat

Friday’s high temperature of 91 broke a record. It’s only the end of March, but this is actually the second day of 90 degree weather in 2015. Makes one wonder what summer is going to be like. Especially since there is less water than ever before.

My next door neighbor got to come home at the end of Friday without a diagnosis. The doctors could find nothing wrong with her except for a buildup of fluid in her lungs that then triggered tachycardia. Terry and I delivered potato salad, fruit salad, pilaf, chicken noodle soup, roasted asparagus, roasted butternut squash, and olive bread for the sisters to eat for a day or so. Hopefully that will hold them over until they can go grocery shopping.

All that cooking and the rising temperatures have made for a very warm house. And humid. Terry got out all of the fans and turned them on to give us a little comfort without turning on the air conditioning. While I was preparing food, I was also doing laundry. Terry was vacuuming in between editing photos from an event he attended last week. He also uploaded the photos to a site for the organization. We don’t have fast internet connections so while he’s uploading those large files, I stay off the Internet. It was pretty easy with all the other chores I had to complete.

Just leave us to our own devices

Our children are attending a youth worker’s conference so we are staying with our grandchildren for a few days. Normally we would have had the grandkids at our house but our granddaughter attends kindergarten now and we didn’t want her to miss any school. Good attendance is very important and it starts at the very beginning.

It is also Judah’s birthday week so we delivered the new tractor to him. He rides it every day, especially over to the church to water the vegetable garden our daughter has planted there. He also rides it several times a day around the block to check on the equipment yard that is on the next street. Yesterday we watched a fellow load up a large lift on a truck. After he finished, he came around and saw Judah sitting there, on his tractor, watching.

“You’ve got a John Deere. Cool.”

Judah was pretty pleased. The equipment yard has John Deere equipment though nothing quite like his tractor.


The weather here is HOT. Just as hot as in Fresno. On Friday the temperature was 95 in Fresno, 93 in San Mateo. However, there is NO air conditioning in the kids’ house. I decided we were going out to eat because I didn’t want to cook in the hot house. Pizza and ice cream sounded like a good idea for Judah’s birthday celebration.

Today we are staying inside with all the fans running, sitting very still, each one of us on our own device. Judah has cartoons on my iPhone, Leeya is watching Terry’s tablet, Terry and I are each working with our respective laptop. The electronic family.

More summer preservation

Gladys and me in her backyard with more summer fruit.

Gladys and me in her backyard with more summer fruit.

My friend Gladys has peach trees in her backyard. This year has been a bountiful one for the first tree. Terry and I went over a few days ago to pick the very top of the tree that Gladys and her husband could not reach. Terry’s 6’3″ height comes in handy. That brought her peach count for the first tree to almost 1,000 pieces of fruit. A second tree will be ripe in a couple of weeks, or sooner, what with the high temperatures we are still having. It was 97 degrees last night at 9. You get the idea of what our days are like around here.

I brought more peaches home, sharing with my neighbor. Yesterday I knew I had to do something with the remaining fruit as it was getting very soft. I had empty jars, some apples, and time, so I juiced the fruit, getting seven cups of juice. I added three cups of sugar, and while the jars sanitized in the dishwasher, I boiled the liquid down and got this


It is definitely the taste of summer, preserved for awhile longer.

Back home

We were up early this morning, just like all mornings this week, but with different intentions. We were headed home! Not to feed grand cats, not to get tiny grandchildren fed and dressed. But home, our house. Where it would be HOT. When we left San Mateo it was 57 degrees. When we drove into our driveway in Fresno, three hours later, it was 87 degrees. And that quickly became 90. And at 4:30 it is 104 degrees. I will miss the cool temperatures of the bay area.

Back to driving into the driveway and opening the garage door…the door opened but the motor on the opener would not stop running. Terry had to unplug it to get it to stop humming. After 32 years, the garage door opener has breathed its last. The garage door company is coming Tuesday to install a new one. Maybe the old one felt like we had abandoned it so it gave up, after all those years of good service.

Our cats were glad to see us. We had a Kritter Sitter come in the morning to feed everyone and then the neighbor fed the outside cats in the evening. Cats are independent, but I think they missed us.

8664606032_5ded851fc2_cOur yards missed the watering. We don’t have automatic sprinklers. As a matter of fact, the backyard sprinklers have quit functioning due to tree roots moving the pipes so I now have to use a sprinkler and hose (hate it) so nothing got watered while we were away for the week and most days were over 100. I spent most of the morning getting everything watered. Which is a good thing with today’s high temperature.

I get to buy shoes

Ok, the shoes aren’t for me so none of my shoes have to leave. Our grandchildren are staying with us this week, and they needed new shoes.

Here is what Leeya picked out:


Judah got these for dressier times:


He also got a pair that are more like sandals to play outside. Because these kids live where it’s never too hot, they didn’t have a lot of hot weather clothes so Judah also needed shorts to wear while in Fresno.

Summer walk in November



I’ve been going out each day for a walk. Today I should have made my trek around the neighborhood during the cooler morning hours. Or, I should have changed into my summer shorts before heading out. I nearly collapsed from heat stroke. Again, our temperatures are in the 80s.

The picture is one of the streets in our development. Hot sun and pretty fall colors.