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You know you have too many clothes

…when your closet collapses.

We have lived in this house for 36 years. The sounds it makes are pretty familiar. A cabinet door, a water faucet, the oven switch. They all have their own sound, and after all these years, I have come to know those sounds as well as I know my own sighs and groans. This afternoon, while I was at one end of the house, in the family room, and Terry was midway down the hall in the office, we both heard an odd sound. I yelled out for him to see if he was alright because it sounded like he had fallen against the closet doors. Remember, every part of the house has its own sound, including the closet doors. No, he was fine. He thought something had fallen on the roof. We both checked out back because occasionally a tree branch will fall onto the roof, but this time all appeared to be fine.

As we came back inside, I mentioned to him that I thought something (or someone) had fallen into the closet doors. I stopped back at the family room to resume whatever it was I was doing. Terry went to check the closets. One of the cats had been sleeping on our bed, but he said the cat was now gone.

I heard a muffled voice from the back of the house, like someone was inside a closet. Upon investigation, sure enough, there was Terry trying to get the closet doors off of our bedroom closet so he could get our clothes out. The rod had collapsed and all of our clothes were on the floor.

We piled the clothes on our bed, which we realized the cat had probably vacated when the clothes fell and banged against the closet door. The cat was no where to be seen. Terry checked the situation and thought he had tools and supplies to fix the rod.

While he was doing this repair, his mother called. She is 96 years old. She had taken the sheets off of her bed, put them into the washer, and now they were in the dryer. She wanted help getting the sheets back on the bed. She wanted Terry’s help, to be specific.

Now, she has never called him to help make her bed. She has a companion-driver during the week as well as a housekeeping service. Don’t these people usually take care of her laundry and bed-making? Terry didn’t know. He couldn’t understand why she took the bed apart without figuring out a way to get it remade. He told her he was busy trying to fix the closet and she would have to wait. Wait is not in her vocabulary. I can tell you right now, I know all about narcissism because this woman is the picture you see when you look up the word in the dictionary. She said she would call the younger son.

Now, both sons live in the same town, but both would have to drive to her place to help her make the bed. I suggested Terry tell her to ask one of her neighbors to come help her. She lives in a condominium complex with very close neighbors. They could just step out of their unit and right into hers. No, she didn’t want to bother her neighbors! That blew me away. Bothering people has never seemed to bother her.

Terry got the closet fixed and all of our clothes are back where they belong–hanging inside the closet. Just as he finished, the cat came out of hiding to eat and to look at me like I had turned his world upside down.

Now Terry is at his mother’s making her bed. The younger son could not come until late this evening.


Mmmm, cake

I’ve never been a good cake baker, and now without my cuisinart (No, I’ve not bought a new one yet), I am not even attempting cakes. Pies, yes. Plan to make an apple pie later today. But this morning, I wanted cake.

Sometimes I buy a small square of cake, one for me and one for Terry, when I go to Sprouts. I ran in there today to get more probiotics to keep us healthy, but didn’t take the time to get cake. I had other stops to make.

At my last stop, which was Whole Foods, I looked at their cakes and decided on a divine lemon cake with lemon frosting. It’s made in San Francisco and shipped here, but it is quite good. A piece of cake and a cup of tea is just the ticket to get me back in the groove for more chores.

One chore for the weekend is to make a beef/cabbage soup for the Lenten soup lunch on Sunday. I bought a chuck roast at Whole Foods which I will first cook in red wine and onion soup and then shred it back into the liquid adding carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes to the mix along with brown sugar, paprika, garlic salt, and cinnamon.

But for right now, the laundry, as usual, is calling.

Around the house

Ronni Bennett’s post earlier this week about old people’s household habits made me ponder. She wrote about not getting dressed on some days, about changing her sheets (or not), and on some days not leaving the house. The comments added to the list of things older folk are not doing. Will I reach a point where these things no longer matter to me? Has the time already come? How about you, dear Reader? What does your daily existence look like?

Because I have obligations that require me to leave the house five to six days a week, the days I don’t have to go somewhere are quite lazy. I don’t put on makeup and I dress in my “around the house” clothing. These are pieces of clothing I would not wear in public but am okay with for my quiet neighborhood. In the winter it’s usually knitwear of some kind and in the summer it’s shorts and shifts.

A few of my winter pieces are getting rather ratty looking. I made the comment to Terry the other day when I pulled on a pair of knit pants that are frayed at the waistband, “I hope I don’t need emergency care when I’m wearing these pants. The EMTs will think me crazy.” Another pair of pants that I only wear at home has a rip in the inner leg. I’ve tried mending it, but since it’s in the worn fabric, and not the seam, the tear reappears. The pants are probably 30 years old, but they are so comfortable for “around the house.”

As for bedding, Ronni writes much more than I ever could. Terry takes care of our sheets and blankets. He launders them and makes the bed. He recently told me we need new sheets so that’s on my list of things to buy at Target. That’s about as far as I go with bed linen responsibility.



For what ails me

I finally got out in the backyard to do that pruning I wanted to do earlier in the week. The bug bites have calmed down and most are no longer visible. Not wanting to get any more, I used citronella oil on my top parts and OFF on my lower extremities. Terry claimed the OFF would work better, but I didn’t want that stuff near my face. The bugs stayed away so I’m guessing OFF and citronella are effective. Perhaps equally effective.

My sciatica has been acting up this week even though I continue to do the exercises that I started almost 10 years ago. I’m seldom in any kind of discomfort but earlier in the week I found I was in pain by the end of the day. What was I doing differently?

It was those bug bites! I had been lounging on the couch, with my body turned sideways, my legs and feet stretched out in front of me. Because the bites were so uncomfortable, I was not moving very much. Not a wise thing to do. The way I was sitting stretched my sciatic nerve in a most unpleasant way. By night time it was screaming.

Now I’m sitting on the couch, or a chair, as I’m supposed to, with my bottom on the seat and my feet on the floor. I also get up every few minutes to move around and do some of those household chores I’ve been neglecting.

Bug bites and sciatica. What a week. Citronella and more movement seem to be the cures for what ails me.

What to do when it rains all day

Unlike some of my dear Readers who live in rainy climes and think nothing of a 5-mile hike in a deluge, this blogger is of the fair-weather variety and only sets out on clear days unless mandated to do otherwise.

Today is a rainy Monday, and after reading during the morning, cooking a few dishes to hold us over for the week, and doing 2 loads of laundry, I would prefer to go out for a walk but the weather holds me back. So, I had to give in and do some housecleaning.

The living room furniture needed some cleaning. We have wood and leather furniture in there, so I got out these two products:

They keep the leather chairs and all the wood finishes looking good. And since the room has a large picture window, they also help keep sun damage to a minimum. The wall unit is 45 years old and the front door is 40 years old. Both look pretty good for their ages, and I give credit to Murphy as well as the orange oil I occasionally use.

Let the holiday season begin

Our kids will be arriving late tonight. Leeya and Judah both have school today unlike the local schools who take the whole week off for Thanksgiving.

I have done a bit of cooking already but still have the bulk of our vegan Thanksgiving to prepare. Chad’s parents will be here for the meal and so his mom is making a few of her signature dishes. We will have an abundance of food.

I’m serving a fall tabbouleh made with raw beets and carrots; acorn squash soup; autumn risotto made with brown rice, cranberries, apples, and pumpkin; bruschetta for my son-in-law; mashed potatoes; and stuffing muffins topped with whipped yams. I shucked 3 pomegranates this morning to juice along with cranberries and tangerines to add to sparkling cider.

Terry washed windows and mowed the front yard while I cleaned the patio. That was on Monday. Last night the wind blew and the rain poured so the patio is no longer clean, but I took a picture just to know what it can look like:

I’m hoping the rain will have blown over by tomorrow so the kids can play outside. Judah and Leeya will stay with us through Sunday. If the weather remains wet and cold, I have craft projects for them to work on indoors. We might even get out the Christmas decorations since it really is the holiday season.

Some post Christmas signs

Now that we are back in Fresno after Christmas merriment, there are chores to be done like laundry and cooking. While the laundry spun and the pot of bean soup bubbled I sat on the couch wandering around the Internet, spending time in places like Twitter and Pinterest. One of the women I follow on Pinterest collects mammoth amounts of pithy sayings. She calls the board WORDS. I thought I would share a few of these with you:


This one might help you make New Year’s resolutions if you do that kind of thing:


And this last one was very appealing after the over-indulgence of the holidays:


Hope your post Christmas time has been filled with good things.