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Having my cake and eating dessert too

Those who know me well know that I am mad about desserts. If available, I will eat dessert BEFORE a meal, and perhaps even forego the main meal just to get to dessert.

That said, I will only eat really good desserts. And no Costco desserts. Those things are made to feed an army, and they are made to hold up well for a very long time, which means they are shot full of preservatives. Those preservatives literally turn my insides inside-out.

A bowl of ice cream, plain ice cream scooped from a carton, does nothing for me, either. I will take a handful of Lactaid, though, for really good artisan ice cream. Usually, homemade ice cream doesn’t live up the hype so I decline. If one, though, has gone to the trouble to make a dairy-free variety, I will always partake. This is a person after my own heart.

Every so often I am served a beautiful dessert that I am thrilled to try only to find that it just does not measure up and I have to leave it after a few cursory bites. Sigh. I have come to the conclusion that life is far too short to eat bad food.

Stressed spelled backwards is dessert. Go have a piece of cake. Really good cake.


Frozen food should stay frozen

My husband likes this brand of ice cream:

I usually buy the ice cream at a local grocer, but the last two cartons have been so bad, I am not buying this, or any other frozen food, from this store, again.

I don’t know if their freezer is bad, or if they leave the food sitting out too long before getting it in the freezer. So, the ice cream thawed, refroze, thawed, refroze. Blah. When I brought it up with the grocer this morning, he blamed the particular brand as it has no preservatives in it. That’s one of the reasons I buy it. In other words, it doesn’t hold up well when poorly handled.

What a great photo op

The freshmen academy put on a little end of the year celebration yesterday afternoon.  As I was walking across the lawn, heading to the parking lot, weighed down with my three black bags–computer, book, and purse–I saw the freshmen teachers scooping ice cream for a line of kids who were listening to a DJ while awaiting their treat.  My immediate thought was, “what a great photo op.”

Last year I would have stopped immediately, dropped all the bags, dug out the camera I carry at all times, and started shooting.  Photos, that is, for next year’s yearbook.  Gotta cover end of the year activities at the start of the book because it is a YEAR book and we finish the previous year’s book in MARCH.  I’m always on the lookout for photos to go in at the beginning of the book that have nonseniors in them.  This freshmen activity would be perfect.

But, wait, I’m done with yearbook.  We aren’t even too sure who will be doing the yearbook next year.  It will not be my responsibility and just because I like this photo op doesn’t mean the next adviser will.  So, I keep walking towards the parking lot, without looking back.

Healthy eating

Somewhere in my blogland wanderings, I found a new blog that will be fun to watch as its premise develops.  A family of five has decided to rid itself of bad eating and plans to tell us how they do it at The Real Foods Project.

Because I am a big proponent of healthy, organic foods, and I have seen what bad eating can do to a person, I am always cheering for those who decide to shop and cook in a more healthy manner.  Too many processed foods are bad for the body, and in the long run, (meaning old age), eating a healthy diet pays off.  You feel better, look better, and are able to do more.

I just had my eyes examined and my eye doctor does this photo image of the inside of the eye where it shows all the blood vessels.  This is the first place things like diabetes and high cholesterol can show up.  My blood vessels are very healthy and the doctor attributes much of that to my healthy eating and use of supplements.

Now, don’t read this the wrong way.  I am not a vegetarian or vegan, but we do try to eat more plant based foods than animal protein.  However, I love sugar and fat.  I could eat dessert every day and have to contain myself when there are sweets in the house.  I have butter on my English muffin every morning.

Saturday is our granddaughter’s first birthday party and we are picking up the ice cream cake.  It’s a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free  confection made by a great company in San Francisco, Maggie Mudd.  This makes me very happy because I will be able to have cake and eat it too.