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Initiating the new iPhone

The grandchildren looked a bit dubious when they asked to use my smart phone only to hear that I had a new one.

“Uh huh, sure grandma,” Leeya said as she took my new iPhone and figuring Grandma was pulling her leg.

“I know it looks just like the old one, but it’s really updated,” I replied. “Grandpa has my old one.”

We have done this with four phones now. I get the updated one and Terry takes the old one, puts a new sim card in it and off he goes. He also puts a heavy-duty cover on his phones. I don’t use a cover. The grandkids prefer my phone because it’s lighter and less bulky without that cover. I do, too.

I’ve gone from an iPhone 3G with 8 gbs of memory to an SE with 128 gbs in a span of nine years. Each of the four phones has been purchased at the Apple store in Fresno. I get outstanding service. They migrate my old phone to the new and get it all set up for me before I walk out the door. One of the easiest purchases I can make.

This time was a little more complicated, though, I have a lot of apps that I’ve accumulated over the nine years of iPhones. Most are free apps, a few I purchased. Some of the apps needed to be upgraded before they would open on the new phone. To upgrade I needed a password for the app or for the means with which I purchased and paid for the app. I had forgotten those passwords. It took all afternoon of hunting for passwords (why do I have so many places where I keep them?) A few apps had not been upgraded by their developers for the new iOS. Those were forever lost.

By the end of the week, when the grandkids went home, the new phone had been well used. It seems to have longer battery life which is good for all those videos they like to watch.



Photos by grandchildren 

Any time we are around the grandkids,  they ask to play with our iPhones, or now with Terry’s tablet. Leeya prefers mine because it has Internet capability whereas Terry can only get wifi on the phone and/or tablet. 

Leeya has used my phone and computer since she was 18 months old so she is quite the pro.  Judah is getting the hang of the devices and really enjoys the math game I have on mine. He has also liked the video apps. 

They both like to take photos and sometimes I find about hundred images have been stored on my phone. Judah is hardly still long enough to get a clear picture, but Leeya is pretty good and some of the photos taken during spring break are share-worthy. 



They love the faces Terry makes for them.  

She also took one with her brother and Thomas the train. 


Perhaps I should show her how to edit in Photoshop which I have on the phone. 

My iPhone is watching me

I finally updated my iPhone to the latest IOS. 8.1.3

In doing so I find a bunch of new icons, on the screen, one being a cute heart called health. I clicked on it and found this:


My phone, without my knowledge, has been watching where I walk. It’s measuring my steps without my telling it to do this.

See that big spike that occured on Saturday? That’s when we went to a workshop in the mountains and I carried my phone every where, including three short hikes. Guess I should keep this gadget in my pocket at all times. Then I can accurately know how many steps I take.

Taking photos

IMG_8263   There have been a few posts lately on other blogs about taking pictures with a smart phone. My iPhone 5s is really the only camera I use any more. There is a point and shoot digital camera I bought before I quit teaching, one that would fit in a pocket when I traveled, but I have banished it to a cupboard drawer. It’s too bulky, in comparison to my iPhone, for daily travels.

Someone said that iPhones didn’t take good pictures in low light. I haven’t had too much trouble. The above photo was taken in our dining area for our son-in-law’s birthday celebration right after the first of the new year. It worked for me.

One of my biggest complaints about iPhone camera versus a ‘real’ camera is when I am taking a photo of something in the distance. Although there is a zoom feature on the iPhone, it is still not as good as my husband’s SLR camera with all the fancy settings and lenses. Of course, even my point and shoot didn’t do as well as his big camera.

The big reason for using my iPhone exclusively–convenience. I carry my iPhone everywhere because I use it as my computer most of the time. Interestingly enough, I am writing this post on my MacBook Pro, but most of my recent blog posts, especially those with photos, have been written on my phone. I can write anywhere I go, not needing to wait until I sit at the computer. The nice thing about the MacBook is that I can sit anywhere in the house or yard with it to work, but I don’t take it on my trips around town like I do my phone.

Because I take the phone everywhere, I am able to take pictures wherever I go. Like today, when I have lunch with the first graders. I will pull out the iPhone, take a picture of my school lunch and upload it immediately to Instagram which also sends it to Twitter and Facebook. Convenient.

The change-over

Today I made the big change–bought the iPhone 4S so I could keep my email address; bought Lion operating system so I could sync the phone with the computer; changed over to iCloud so all these pieces will work together. In all that I gained, I lost my Adobe CS2. I am hopeful I will be okay until I can upgrade those products. Having just finished the big history project I felt safe in doing this. I love technology, just wish it was less expensive.

Keeping up with technology can be hard

Kay’s blog post about their new iPhone made me realize I have to make some decisions. I usually make decisions quickly and easily, and I certainly don’t sit around moaning and kvetching about what to do. Not with this decision. Oh, my.

I have had my iPhone for almost three years. I LOVE it, using it more as a computer than phone. I am not a fan of talking on the phone, whether land line or cellular. I do text quite a bit, using the iPhone, and I take lots of pictures with the camera. All of my photos from the computer are on the phone as well as all of my iTunes downloads. My granddaughter has been using my iPhone since she was 18 months old to play games and she too loves to look at the photos on it. Often she is reminded of something that has made her happy and she wants to revisit and redo. But, here’s the bad part–the phone is three years old and does not have the latest OS, nor can it be upgraded to the latest. Oh, my.

So, I need a new phone if I plan to keep my me mail account, which I certainly want to do. I want to have iCloud and keep all my Apple gadgets sinc’d.  My MacBook Pro is quite capable of being upgraded to the new OS, which is now named Lion. So, what’s the hangup? I have very old versions of Adobe software on the computer–InDesign and PhotoShop. The old versions will not operate with the new OS. I love these applications and it will be very costly to replace them. Along with the cost of the new phone. Oh, my.

So, I sit here, being indecisive. Soon, though, I will make an appointment with my dear Apple genius and will go in to the Apple store and get my new phone and get it all sinc’d with my computer. Life will go on. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Old fashioned

We still have a land-line phone in our house.  It occasionally rings.  There is an answering machine that almost always gets to the call before I can.  If I am expecting someone to call, I will run like crazy to catch the call before the machine picks up because it is so screechy and annoying to have the machine pick up at the same time as me, the live answering machine.

Most evenings, though, when I am home, after a grueling day at school, I just sit and let the machine play through.  Tonight, one of those evenings, the machine only got through half its spiel…”you have reached the Zody residence; please leave your….”  Whoever was on the other end, and most likely not a live body but rather a robot, did not wait to hear all of my words.

There are few people I call and even fewer who call me.  We use email (which I love).  Even my new iPhone gets used very little for phone calls, but rather for internet (or 3G) technology.  The world has changed.  Having a phone that plugs in to the wall is pretty old fashioned.