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We will be having a heat wave

I grocery shopped early Thursday morning and planned all of my meals around salads and sandwiches. I’m going to do my best to not use the oven or do any cooking beyond a microwave dish. One exception is breakfast sausage that I’ll cook early Friday morning, putting it all in the fridge afterwards so Terry can reheat a link or two at a time. There are also a couple of Belgian waffles that can go into toaster or microwave.

Fortunately Whole Food’s bakery had lots of breads from which to choose–French baguettes, raisin pecan, sourdough French, and ciabatta rolls. I love the raisin pecan for chicken salad sandwiches, but for a time, during the pandemic, the bread disappeared. The company that provides it had even taken it off their website. I was so thrilled to see many loaves on the racks so I got two.

Alfalfa sprouts and three kinds of lettuces. Coleslaw mix, fresh made guacamole. Apples, pears, grapes, figs, blackberries, tomatoes. My plan is to stay home until Tuesday, after the holiday, before I have to grocery shop. Hopefully, I will not have melted by then.


That rule about wearing white

It’s almost Labor Day. Do you follow that rule–don’t wear white after Labor Day? I was reminded of this rule when I clicked over on Advanced Style today and saw the post on your last chance to wear white.

My mother always followed the rule for white shoes or white purse as those were the only all-white items she had in her wardrobe. I have a white linen jacket, white sandals, and a white top. I don’t wear the jacket or sandals after Labor Day, just because I don’t, but the white top gets worn under a beige and white jacket that I will wear into October with a pair of beige slacks.

The weather in Fresno can stay warm all the way up to Thanksgiving, but I have lots of lightweight dark clothes. I try not to wear any black, navy, or brown during the summer months as I will be wearing a lot of those colors once the cold months roll in. I wear mostly skirts in the summer and then shift to pants in the winter when it gets so cold here.

California is very laid back and doesn’t follow many of those fashion rules. I know  I will still see white clothing after Labor Day. How about where you live? Will you be seeing white?


Fall? Already?

It’s only early August, but fall is coming.  I saw this leaf in my yard yesterday

so I know my mulberry tree is getting ready for fall.  School starts in another week, and that’s a sure sign of fall, or at least it used to be.  Remember when we didn’t go back to school until AFTER Labor Day?  I’m not campaigning for a return to that schedule, though, because I prefer to finish the semester BEFORE Christmas break.  We have too many kids who go to Mexico for Christmas and don’t return in time to take finals if we end the semester in January as we did in days of old.

Although my tree is dropping its leaves, school is starting, and the days are getting shorter, our weather will stay summer like for another two months.   No woolen plaids for me yet.