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Beyond the school walls

What did I do this week?

On Monday I took four seniors to Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis to scope out the site for our chalk competition.  Went to Starbucks to revive our lagging energies.

Chalk artists meet here

Chalk artists meet here

On Wednesday I went along with the sophomores to Fashion Fair Mall to study visual display.  My nine students worked from Macys to Penneys, and did very well.  I treated all the sophomores to lollipops from Sees to tide us over until lunch back at school.

Nine outstanding sophomores standing outside Macys

Nine outstanding sophomores standing outside Macys


Where do you shop?

Because of prom, there has been a lot of talk among my students concerning clothes and where to shop.  Plus, a group of my students is involved in a survey about shopping habits, especially involving the mall.  So, the question has been:  where do you shop?

I rarely shop at our local malls, but I do like to go to some of the large regional malls when I go out of town.  There are certain shops I always go into, Nordstroms and Talbots being the main two.  Almost all of my clothes, and definitely my newer clothes, come from these stores.  Liz Claiborne, at one time, had a shop for larger sizes called Elizabeth.  I bought many pants there that I still wear.  Same thing with some pants I bought 15+ years ago at JC Penney.  Those pants just keep going and going.  

The Elizabeth stores closed and I cannot even find that brand at stores like Nordstroms who carry Liz Claiborne, which is sort of disappearing too.   I haven’t been to a JC Penney store in years but maybe I should.  A blogger friend of mine was wearing some really cute sandals in one of her pictures, and when I asked about them, she said JCP.

The kids who are doing the mall survey will get $20 to spend as they wish.  Wonder where that will be?