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Good timing

Terry eats chips and salsa almost every day of the week. It’s one of his main food groups. Since he has them for lunch on most days that he is home, they are a weekly staple on my grocery list. His favorites are Casa Sanchez brand, mild salsa and thick and crisp tortilla chips. Occasionally I have had to make substitutions if the store didn’t have that brand or another brand was at a much lower price. But, I am careful with what I select. He really is quite the aficionado of chips and salsa.

Today, Terry did the grocery shopping, taking the list I had made and going to our local food retailer, Save Mart. He had almost given up getting his chips as he could not find them anywhere in the store until he noticed that the delivery man he had to move for had boxes with Casa Sanchez written on their sides.

“I think you have just what I’m looking for,” he told the young man, pointing to his boxes.

“Which kind do you like?” He opened that box and pulled out a fresh bag of thick and crisp tortilla chips for Terry. It was indeed good timing.


Salsa season at the Zody’s

I love cilantro, which is good because my hands reek of it right now. Terry and I love cilantro in Mexican food, and I couldn’t conceive of a salsa without it.

Yesterday and today I made salsa. One is a peach salsa, to use some of those rock hard peaches from my CSA box. They work very well when combined with onions, peppers, and cilantro. Nice crisp bite that went well with baked chicken and noodles. Today I used some grape tomatoes and made a red salsa to go along with a fajita-like steak dish I am fixing for dinner. This one has more fire because I threw in the seeds from the Fresno peppers. (I like Fresno peppers better than jalapeno because I like red better than green.)

As you can see, I have enough cilantro to make many more batches. For some reason, Whole Foods sells their cilantro in these huge bunches.